Pokémon Go Finally Makes it to the Apple Watch, as Promised

Apple made a bad habit of promising things at the iPhone 7 launch and seeing them get delayed longer than they’d like. After mysterious setbacks, Apple finally released the AirPods earlier this month, and now we’re seeing one of the big Apple Watch guarantees — Pokémon Go is now on Apple’s wearable.

When Apple discussed Pokémon Go for the Apple Watch in September, they showed off a companion Watch app that would notify users when Pokémon are nearby, even specifying which one is there. However, they said it would not be possible to actually catch Pokémon — you’d need your phone for that.

The final release of Pokémon Go for the Apple Watch is exactly that. The app launched yesterday, and in addition to notifying users of Pokémon in the area, the Watch app will push notifications about hatched eggs and the presence of PokéStops. It sounds like the real reason for the Watch app is to pull Pokémon Go data into Apple’s health app. Walking while using the Pokémon Go app can be logged as a workout, which will be included in your activity rings. In other words, Pokémon Go is the latest fitness app to hit the Apple Watch.