Bloomlife is a Wearable Patch That Tracks Pregnancy Contractions

So you are pregnant and experiencing contractions or about to experience them. You can order a Bloomlife subscription and it will be shipped overnight for next day delivery. A set of patches, each lasting 7 days, along with the Bloomlife sensor shows up at your door and you can immediately start tracking your contractions. Don’t worry about it affecting the baby either, as Bloomlife says that it is completely passive technology that does not transmit energy into the body.
The sensor snaps into the patch for a quick and easy install. Then apply the adhesive patch to your lovely pregnant belly. From there, you can pair the sensor with the comapnion app and watch your contractions being recorded in real time, showing contraction legnth, time apart and frequency. It does this using the electrophysiology. Interestingly enough, the technology is more passive than even an ultra-sound is.
Since this is not a product that you would use long term, Bloomlife is a temporary subscription service. It costs $149 to use for the first month. Ideally, you would’nt need it longer than that. Ship it back in the box provided and they will refund you up to one week past your delivery date with free return shipping. There is also a 3-day free return window in case it isn’t for you after trying it out. Bloomlife is available for reservation but shipping won’t start for another few weeks. Check out the Bloomlife page to learn more.