Latest Beauty and the Beast Trailer Includes Beautiful Duet from Ariana Grande and John Legend

If we weren’t sold before, we’re sold now!

Admittedly, Disney had us hooked as soon as they said anything about a live-action Beauty and the Beast, but the trailers did their work too, even if we’ve had some reservations about the CGI. The CGI might not be perfect, but after the final trailer aired last night (during none other than The Bachelor), we don’t really care. beautiful

The previous trailers look sleepy in comparison to this two-and-a-half minute spot, which features the bursts of color and outpourings of song that were missing before. In what I’m sure will be one of the most debated points, the new “Beauty and the Beast” duet, sung by Ariana Grande and John Legend, dominates the second half of the trailer. But, we also get new looks at the bustling village, Gaston’s elite-level smugness (he might steal the show), and Emma Watson in all of Belle’s classic get-ups.

There are some interesting details hidden in there, too. While this movie will hew pretty closely to the animated classic, we do know there will be some changes — Belle will be the inventor in this one, not her father Maurice. Apparently, Beast is a little more intellectual, too — well, unless he’s lying about how many books he’s read to impress Belle. Also, we find out he doesn’t speak Greek. Useful info!

It’s a really well-cut trailer, hopefully for a really good movie. We’ll see how this version of the tale as old as time holds up when it hits theaters on March 17.

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