Spilled Skittles on a Highway Were on Their Way to Becoming Cattle Feed

If you’re imagining troughs of Skittles, that’s not quite how it works.

What started as online rubbernecking over a bunch of red Skittles spilled all over a Wisconsin highway has become an unexpected lesson about raising livestock. After the spill late last week, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office put up a Facebook post about the incident, then followed up with an update that threw a lot of people for a loop — that the candy was on its way to being used as cattle feed.

CNN reported on the story last week, touching on how candy is often used in cattle feed to keep costs down. An AP report goes into a bit more detail, revealing that cows don’t simply start tasting the rainbow — the candies are usually mashed up and combined with other food sources to create a mix that provides all the nutrients that cattle need. The candies that end up in the mix are usually the rejects — in this case, the spilled Skittles didn’t have the usual ‘S’ printed on them, without which it is impossible to properly enjoy Skittles.


While the act of sending off reject candy for use as cattle feed is apparently commonplace, indications are that this particular shipment was unexpected. According to the AP report, Mars, the company that makes Skittles, was unaware of the shipment. The factory where these Skittles came from doesn’t usually deal with cattle ranchers or farmers, and the company has gone as far as to say they’re investigating how these Skittles ended up on that rural highway. Who knows how deep this goes!

Via The News-Gazette

Header image: Dodge County Sheriff’s Office