OnePlus is Giving Away Free Energy Drinks, For Realz

Not the conventional approach to April Fool’s Day, but we’ll go with it.

Usually you don’t jump the gun on April Fool’s Day, but I guess when your prank is actually real and useful, some heads up is due. OnePlus is using April 1 not to fool people, but to remind them that their phones charge really fast! Also, energy drinks.

OnePlus uses Dash Charge, which charges up their phones past 50 percent in a half hour — the same kind of thing Qualcomm QuickCharge does for other Android phones. OnePlus is bringing that jolt of energy to humans on April 1 with Dash Energy, an energy drink that can get you to full speed, even if you’ve had just a half hour of sleep. I’m not going to ask what’s in it.

In all seriousness, there’s something in it. The drink is real, even though it won’t be easy to track down. London, England and Bangalore, India get the honors — they’ll be given out on April 1 from 12:00 to 4:00 at Bishops Square in London and at the OnePlus Experience Store in Bangalore after 11:00 AM. Anyone in the EU can enter a contest online to get a four-pack of the mystery drink.

And, there’s an April Fool’s sale! Appropriately enough, the Dash charger is being discounted. The Dash charger is the wall plug and cable combo that makes OnePlus phones charge quickly (the regular cable and charger are included when you buy the phone), and until April 4, it’ll be about $30 instead of $35.

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