Google AutoDraw Transforms Your Terrible Doodles Into Something Pretty

One of Google’s newest AI experiments can analyze your doodles and replace them with something more…recognizable.

Google’s not out to judge your doodles — well, it kind of is. With their new AutoDraw tool, their machine learning technology can take a look at your doodles, guess what you’re trying to draw, and then replace your, er, work with something more pleasing to the eye.

AutoDraw is a web-based canvas, sort of. It’s not exactly loaded with features — you’re pretty much just free doodling with some shapes thrown in. Once you start drawing, a little bar will appear above the canvas that will list the objects Google thinks you’re drawing.

It might not be too long before Google is competing with humans at Pictionary, Deep Blue style. AutoDraw was able to recognize my excellent drawing of a sailboat and replace it with something I begrudgingly admit is better.

AutoDraw is part of Google’s suite of A.I. Experiments. AI and machine learning are pretty buzzwordy right now, but it’s still a challenge for tech companies to communicate to both users and developers how these technologies will actually be useful. The A.I. Experiments page is full of cool little demos, including a tool that can take a peek at drinks and try to identify them by their looks — someday, you might be able to use AI to concretely prove that the Starbucks barista did not use as much vanilla as he said he did!

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  1. Little misleading of Google (but hey what’s new) – not really “autodrawing” anything, just image recognition.

    It really doesn’t “Transform Your Terrible Doodles Into Something Pretty”, it just brings up some clip-art suggestions, based upon what it guesses you are drawing.

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