LEGO Needs to Morph This Power Rangers Megazord into a Real Set

We’re really hoping this morphs into a real set.

Want a Lego Megazord that really transforms, and really has the individual Zords? Now’s your chance. Lego Ideas user wahkaka0321 has submitted a proposal for the ultimate Megazord set, and it’s looking for support.

Lego Ideas is Lego’s fan submission site — if a set proposal gets 10,000 supporters, it’s added to a list that Lego will review every year, with one or two eventually making it into production as an official Lego set. Fingers crossed that this Megazord makes the cut. It’s really made up of the original transforming Zords, which was no mean feat. wahkaka0321 had to make sure the triceratops and saber-toothed tiger were sufficiently load-bearing, and that the t-rex could be properly hidden in the chest. Sounds like getting the mastodon and pterodactyl right was tricky, too, but wahkaka0321 has the pictures to show their work!

Not only can the Zords transform into their individual forms, the whole Megazord can actually change into the dino tank! It’s a love letter to the original series, in the hopes that the new movie can help muster up enough support to make it real. That’s possible — despite stiff competition from Beauty and the BeastPower Rangers has pulled in $97.8 million at the box office, including a $40.5 million opening weekend. Those aren’t the kind of gaudy numbers that Disney and Marvel put up regularly, but they’re solid enough to make it look like a Power Rangers comeback could have legs.

Here’s hoping, because this set is too awesome to not be on store shelves. The proposal now has a little over a year to notch 10,000 supporters, at which point it’ll get on Lego’s review list. From there, the hard part will be licensing. Unfortunately, that’s a big red flag — Mega Bloks currently makes Power Rangers construction sets, which means it’ll be pretty difficult for Lego to pry the rights away. Here’s hoping!

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