The VivaLnk Fever Scout is a Connected Thermometer You Can Wear Like a Bandage

Flexible material and circuitry allows for easy, comfortable measurement of body temperature.

In 2017, there’s no minor annoyance a little technology can’t fix. Today, we’re getting a little something for parents of kids who really don’t like thermometers. A relatively new company out of Silicon Valley called VivaLnk has used their eSkin technology to create the Fever Scout, a small wearable thermometer. It’s lightweight, comfortable, monitors temperature throughout the day, and your kids just might not hate it.

Central to VivaLnk is their eSkin technology. They’ve managed to place sensors and electronics on flexible material that can let oxygen through, enabling little wearable devices that can constantly monitor the body through the skin. Their first eSkin product, Fever Scout, does exactly that for temperature. Simply stick the Fever Scout under the armpit of a sick kid like a band-aid, and you’ll be able to monitor their temperature throughout the day as long as you and your smartphone are within Bluetooth range (up to 130 feet). And with a cool purple design, it looks decidedly unlike the cold medical instruments your kids usually shy away from.

The adhesive part of Fever Scout is disposable, keeping things sanitary. The device comes with eight of those double-sided adhesives, and packs of extras can be ordered on the cheap — the Fever Scout itself can be used over and over again, and can be cleaned easily with a little rubbing alcohol.

Despite being small, the Fever Scout can run continuously for up to a week on a full charge, and can then be charged quickly using the included wireless charging case. Part of the reason for that solid battery life is that the device actually takes one reading per minute — often enough to show sudden changes in condition without killing the battery by attempting truly continuous monitoring. Speaking of sudden changes, the companion app can push out alerts if things change drastically at any point, so you can go check in ASAP or let your doctor know. You can also view graphs of temperature over time to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

For the most part, Fever Scout really is just meant for sick kids stuck in bed with a fever or the flu. The device needs to be close to its charging case at all times. One reason the Fever Scout can be so thin and flexible is that the long-range Bluetooth connectivity isn’t on it. Instead, the device maintains a short-range wireless connection to the charging case, which in turn connects to your phone and the companion app (Android and iOS) using a Bluetooth connection. That limits the Fever Scout to those stuck in bed, whether it be a sick kid or a patient that has just had surgery.

Involving doctors is something VivaLnk co-founder and CEO Jiang Li wants to encourage. Of the Fever Scout, he said, “consumers can now own a wearable thermometer that is an accurate medical grade device, child-friendly and does its job while the patient is sleeping.” Key words there — medical grade. The company has been working with doctors at UCSF and conducting clinical trials to make sure that the Fever Scout is collecting data accurate enough to be trusted by any doctor. There’s even a note-taking feature in the app just for sharing information with doctors — the Fever Scout might look fun, but it’s aspiring to be a legitimate health monitoring device for the home.

Now that VivaLnk has received FDA approval, they’re ready to launch. Starting today, Fever Scout is available online from VivaLnk, Amazon, Best Buy, and Target for $60. It can also be found in stores at Best Buy.


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