7 Movie Costumes You’ll Need to Win the Lottery to Buy

These classic movie costumes occasionally go up for auction, but I don’t think you’ll be seeing them on eBay!

Would you love to have some of the most iconic movie costumes in cinematic history hanging on your wall? There are dozens of incredible movie costumes floating around the internet, but you’d have to pay a small fortune to get them! Well, some people had those small fortunes on hand, and they sure paid up to own these seven iconic costumes.

Dorothy’s Dress

Via NPR / AP

The Wizard of Oz has gained acclaim for a number of reasons, not least of which for being symbolic of the shift from black and white to color in movies. Its surprise change to color in the middle of the film was a brilliant creative choice that left audiences amazed. For the past 80 years, people have been in love with Judy Garland’s performance and the magic that surrounded it.

Dorothy has long been a popular Halloween costume, but no one would be caught dead wearing the original costume to a party. The blue pinafore dress sold at auction for more than $1.5 million, 10 times its estimated price. If you want the ruby red slippers to match, you’ll need to fork over another half a million.

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