KandyPens ELITE Vape Pen Review

Luxury has a price. That’s the claim from KandyPens when describing their newest concentrate vape pen, the limited edition ELITE. And for good reason. Every piece of this pen feels like an upgrade compared to the competition. How else does this pen stand out in a crowd? Keep reading to find out.

Triple coated in a durable yet luxurious rose gold finish, the KandyPens ELITE is sure to turn some heads. When holding this pen, you can feel that it was designed with the perfect size and weight in mind. And if that wasn’t enough, it stores in a premium hard shell case for easy carrying.

Designed to sit comfortably between your lips, the ELITE’s mouthpiece feels more natural with every use. KandyPens has added an air carb hole to the mouthpiece, a nice touch that lets you control airflow and produce denser vapor when you want it.

Most vape pens fall into two categories, coil or no coil. The ELITE ships with both, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you value flavor over potency, the coilless chamber with ceramic dish is where it’s at. Hard hitting clouds more your style? The quartz chamber with dual titanium coils will get you lifted but with less flavor. Both chambers are leak proof and allow for more herbal concentrate to be loaded thanks to the higher placement of the airflow holes.

KandyPens stands strongly behind their battery… so much so that it includes a lifetime warranty. Using a screw on USB battery charger, the ELITE takes 45 minutes to fully charge. The long lasting battery is sure to keep you in good spirits for many sessions to come.

Five quick clicks of the K button will turn the ELITE on or off. While powered on, three button presses will cycle through the pen’s four heat settings (300°, 350°, 390° and 430° F). While testing, the ceramic chamber excelled when using the highest temperature setting. On the other hand, the lowest temperature setting worked best with the quartz chamber.

Dropping your concentrate into the chamber is a super simple when using the included loading tool. Once loaded, reattach the mouthpiece and crank up the heat. We found that placing a finger over the mouthpiece air carb worked surprisingly well and produced very dense clouds. With a ten second auto shut-off, there’s no longer a need to worry about overcooking your concentrates.

Regularly cleaning the chambers will keep those puffy clouds tasty, sesh after sesh. After heating the chamber for ten seconds, a quick wipe with a cotton swab is all it takes to keep the ELITE in tip-top condition.

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