These Pennywise Funko Pops Will Stare at You While You Sleep

Funko keeps on rolling with their new horror figurines.

Be afraid. Funko has introduced plenty of horror figurines this summer, but none of them are as creepy as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. With a new movie version of Stephen King’s IT coming out in September, Funko has readied four new figurines to celebrate, and they’re all of Pennywise. What happened to the kids? We’re scared to ask.

Only one of the four figurines will be widely available — it’s Pennywise in his new orange hairdo, holding poor Georgie’s paper boat. The 1-in-6 chase variant just gives him a sepia tone makeover, giving him that vintage murderer look.

Then, we’ve got the exclusives. Walmart is getting Pennywise in a wig, which you’ll probably recognize from the first trailer. Hot Topic will get Pennywise holding a red balloon, which, well, you’ll probably recognize from the second trailer!

This isn’t the first time Funko has taken on Pennywise. They made a figurine of the red-haired Tim Curry version of the 1990 TV miniseries, and It looks a lot less scary. It’s also a pretty cool look and how much better Funko has gotten at figurine design over the years — the colors and details are getting really impressive!

Pennywise and sepia Pennywise are already available in stores now, while the other two figurines will come to Walmart and Hot Topic in early September, right around the time the movie comes out.