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The New Outlander Fashion Collection at Hot Topic and Torrid is Legit Stunning

Is there any better character to cosplay as than Claire?

If you can rock official show gear out in public, you’re awesome and have way more self-confidence than a lot of us! Fortunately, is there ever something for the shier fan who still loves top-notch fashion! Caitriona Balfe has rocked some terrific looks in her time as Claire on Outlander, and Hot Topic and Torrid have been there for it. They had a fashion collection based on the show last year, and they’re back for more ahead of the season three premiere.

Hot Topic must have gotten a lot of interest last year, because they’re dramatically expanding the line this year with looks either based on clothes from the show or Claire’s generally awesome fashion sense. And between the two stores, you should be able to find these looks in just about any size!

Torrid has the collection available for preorder right now, with Hot Topic getting the collection on September 12 — you can check out Nerdist for exclusive shots of the smaller sizes they’ll be carrying. Unsurprisingly, tartan figures heavily — there are beautiful patterned shirts, skirts, and some amazing overcoats. The coats especially just look like flat-out terrific winter wear. They’ve also got a pretty stunning red swing dress and a swing coat, too. Word is there will even be some jewelry in the collection.

It might be the best pop culture fashion line we’ve ever seen? It definitely captures the character, but without getting gimmicky — this collection just looks great! Admittedly, it’s also kinda priced like it — just about everything is over $50, and the coats top $100. Best of luck to you and your wallet in these difficult times.

Via comicbook.com

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