If You’re a T-Mobile Customer, You Might Not Have to Pay for Netflix Anymore

T-Mobile’s latest promotion could save you $10 if you’re on the right plan.

Got the family on a T-Mobile One plan? You might be free to take your payment information off Netflix — T-Mobile can take it from here. The carrier’s latest promotion, Netflix On Us, is exactly what it sounds like. If you’ve got at least two lines on a T-Mobile One plan, you’ll soon be able to link your Netflix account to your T-Mobile account, with T-Mobile footing that $10 streaming bill.

It’s fairly straightforward as carrier promotions go, although there are some things to consider if you’re not already on a T-Mobile One plan and are thinking of switching (if you are already on a plan, there’s no real downside). First, it’s worth keeping in mind that this isn’t coming to all T-Mobile plans — their discount plans are excluded. Netflix On Us won’t be available for anyone on the Unlimited 55+ plan, which gives seniors two lines for $60 per month, nor will it come to anyone still on the two lines for $100 promotion T-Mobile had earlier this year. Those customers will have to switch to a T-Mobile One family plan to get T-Mobile to pay their Netflix subscription, but in both cases the price increase of T-Mobile service would negate the $10 saved from the Netflix subscription.

You’ll also need to take into account that T-Mobile’s base One plan only allows for 480p video streaming. To stream unlimited Netflix in high definition or 4K, you’ll need to pay more to get a One Plus plan. Speaking of 4K, if you want to upgrade to Netflix’s more expensive 4K subscription, you’ll be able to do that through T-Mobile — they’ll simply tack on the extra $2 to your wireless bill.

As usual, T-Mobile is launching a PR campaign alongside the promotion. During the announcement of the plan, T-Mobile CEO John Legere pointed to T-Mobile’s superior LTE speeds, claiming that AT&T and Verizon both saw significant dips in average download speeds after all four major U.S. carriers moved back to unlimited plans. This looks like T-Mobile setting out to prove that their network is robust enough to handle all the Netflix streaming their customers can throw at them.

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