Watch Out Tesla – Nissan Just Gave Us Their Vision of the Future of Cars, and It Looks Pretty Chill

Tesla brought all-electric cars to the fore, but today, they’ve got some serious challengers! Chevrolet has been improving their all-electric Bolt hatchback steadily, but it’s Nissan that looks poised to bring all-electrics to the mainstream. Their 2018 Leaf made huge leaps forward in range and design while remaining the cheapest all-electric option among the three companies. Understandably, they’re feeling pretty good about their electric efforts, so this week they decided to give us all a look at the really ambitious stuff.

Over at the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan introduced the IMx concept crossover utility vehicle, and it’s way more than just an all-electric vehicle. With a sharp, sweeping exterior that looks like it’s from the future, the IMx is loaded with features that not only Nissan, but the entire car industry is looking to make standard in the not-too-distant future. While the IMx itself might never actually be produced, Nissan says many of the features on display will be included in their cars over the next few years. Here’s what they’re talking about!

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