Astoundingly Cool Technologies Predicted by Sci-fi TV Shows and Movies

Makes you wonder what else we’ll get in the coming decades!

Some of the things you see on this list you probably won’t think twice about, but there was a time that these products only existed in the imaginations of TV and movie writers! Can you imagine? If you grew up in the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s, I bet you can think back to a time we didn’t have these incredible gadgets!

Back to the Future’s Hoverboard

Marty really made hoverboards look cool, and we have been patiently waiting to be able to buy one since 1985. The good news? The technology now exists — and we’re not talking about those wheeled “hoverboards”! The bad news? You could’ve snagged one for $10,000 on the Kickstarter campaign that Hendo ran, but now that it is over you need to wait a bit more to be able to buy one online!

Star Trek’s Replicator


The Star Trek tech we want the most (well, besides the warp drive), the replicator could be used to create food and water out of thin air! OK, not quite out of thin air — the replicator was able to turn existing matter into virtually anything, including synthesized food. Well, 3D printers might not be too different — we might soon see printers capable of making edible pizza, chocolate, and burgers!

Star Trek’s Universal Translator

If you grew up watching Star Trek, I’m sure you oohed and ahhed over the universal translator, which could tell you exactly what an alien had said in real time! We’ve seen some apps kind of do that, but Google’s new Pixel Buds, when paired with a Pixel 2 phone, can translate a conversation in real time with no app required — just the Google Assistant!

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