Researchers Say Pokémon Go Is Safety Hazard, and They’ve Got Some Staggering Numbers to Prove It

Usually, we’d write a study like this off as science stating the obvious, but some of the numbers in Purdue’s new study on the effects of Pokémon Go are admittedly pretty eye-opening! The researchers dug into thousands of traffic accident reports from one county in Indiana, drawing from the time before and after Pokémon Go was released. Apparently, massive crowds weren’t the only health and safety hazards!

The results? They found that Pokémon Go was possibly tied to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Now at this point, you might rightly be thinking that this is really just a study about distracted driving, dressed up with Pokémon Go to get attention. Well, getting attention might be part of it, but the researchers used a pretty clever method to show that it might be the game in particular that’s to blame.

So, how did the researchers conduct their study?

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