Here’s What Disney Villains Looked Like in Their University Days

They had to learn how to be evil somewhere, right? We’ve looked at fan artist Hyung86‘s takes on Disney characters in trendy university attire before, when we took a look at the women of the Disney world. Today, we’re checking out his work on the villains — I don’t know if Disney university has a major in being diabolical or what. Seems like they shouldn’t! Check them out, and if you like this dose of dastardly, be sure to check out more of the artist’s work on his DeviantArt page!


Hades is the classics professor from hell, literally. Also, why wasn’t Persephone in Hercules? Why have we never wondered about this until now?


The artist imagines that most Disney villains, like Jafar, are professors of political science. Fair.

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