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5 Ways To Set Your Child Up For Success With A Future Tech Career Among The Majors (Think Google, Facebook, Apple) No Matter Their Age

You always want to do your best to set your child up for success!

As a parent, it’s no secret you always want to do your best to set your child up for success! While our world becomes increasingly digital and steeped in technology, it’s a smart play to encourage your child to pursue a future career in the tech industry. Landing a job at Google, Facebook, Apple, or Amazon (to name a few of the major tech companies) is no easy feat nowadays. Tech is the new finance, with salaries that are out of this world.

I spoke to someone who helps decide which applicants Carnegie Mellon accepts into their MBA program, and this individual shared with Chip Chick that pretty much everyone applying says that they want to eventually move on to work at a major tech company like Google, Facebook, Apple, or Amazon. The competition is fierce for adults, so children have an advantage in being prepped perfectly to land a job with a major tech company. It’s no surprise everyone wants to work for one of the majors, but here is what you can do to set your child up for success with a career path like that, no matter what age they are currently at.

I’m going to go in order from youngest to oldest, so read on for ways to set your child up for success

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