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This Diminutive Device Could Save Your Life

It’s always better to be prepared, and you can never be too careful.

In this day and age, you can never keep yourself too safe as a woman, and personal safety devices are really worth looking into. It’s always better to be prepared, and you can never be too careful. This diminutive device could safe your life, and it’s called the Revolar Instinct. It was developed after the co-founders both had scary experiences, so they set out to create a safer place for us all.

There are so many ways to use the Revolar Instinct. Personally, I am afraid to go running alone, partially because I watch way too much Investigative Discovery and partially because since my Rottweiler passed away, I no longer have a running buddy. For me, the Revolar Instinct makes me feel more safe while out running, because it’s a tiny little peace of mind.

I could also see this being a convenient thing for aging parents or grandparents to keep on them, it could be used to make sure your daughter or yourself gets to class in college ok, it’s a great choice if you go hiking alone, and it’s also great for any other risky solo activities, like riding horses without someone nearby. I honestly wish I had one of these back when I was online dating, because this is so discreet it’s easier to press this button and send a message than it is to have to pull out your phone and send a message.


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So how does it work and how easy is it to use?

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