After Their Mansion Went Up In Flames, An Affluent Family Of 4 Is Found Dead & The Evidence Points To A Jealous Brother

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Colts Neck, New Jersey, is a town full of affluent families – including the Canerio brothers. The two brothers, Keith and Paul, worked together at Square One. The company was founded by Keith, and Paul joined later on. It was an extremely successful company.

They managed multiple big-name clients including Citibank, Nike and Prudential. The two were doing extremely well for themselves. Both lived in the quaint community of Colts Neck, New Jersey. With residents such as Bruce Springsteen and members of John Bon Jovi’s band, this town sure has money.

The Canerio brothers lived almost next to each other within the town. As one would assume the families were both very close to one another. However, one day tragedy struck.

Daily Mail


For Keith and Jennifer Caniero – life was as perfect as it could get. The two had a loving marriage. They had successful careers. They had all two beautiful children together; Jesse and Sophia. They were loved and adored in their community.

As expected, Keith was close to his brother Paul. The two worked together and spent a lot of time together building up the company. They also lived in the same neighborhood.

One day though, the seemingly perfect Caniero family would be under investigation. It would shock the community to its core. Here’s what happened.


Daily Mail

A deadly fire broke out in Keith’s home in the middle of a Thursday afternoon. The fire lasted from lunchtime and continued on into the evening. Neighbors watched as the four-bedroom mansion was completely engulfed in flames.

Sadly, Keith and his family did not survive the fire. Keith was discovered outside of the family home, laying on the grass with a fatal gunshot wound. He was never in the house while it was set ablaze.

His wife and two children though were unable to escape the house. As it burned, they were trapped inside. Jennifer, along with young Sophia and Jesse had died inside their home as it went up in flames.

Daily Mail


Upon arriving onto the scene, authorities determined that Keith’s gunshot wound was not self-inflicted. Authorities speculate that Keith and his family were targeted – by whom they are not sure but they are positive these acts were intentional.

During a press conference, Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni explained that this was “one of the most heinous cases” he had ever seen. When Keith’s wife and children were discovered, they were so badly burned from the flames they could barely be identified.

This was one of the worst quadruple homicides the county’s Prosecutor has ever seen. There is a strange twist to this tale though.


Daily Mail

On the same day Keith’s home caught fire – so did his brother Paul’s. However, his story is much different than Keith’s. As we know, Keith’s was set on fire and he was found shot on his front lawn.

The fire that ravaged Keith’s home was set by someone from the outside. Many are still trying to figure out who could do this to such a loving family. It didn’t seem possible for someone to wish any of them harm.

That is not the case though with the fire in Paul’s home. Everyone knows who set it. It was extremely shocking to find out who the arsonist was.

Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Two fires in one neighborhood, in the same day is coincidence enough. For it to happen to the same family, is extremely suspicious.

Authorities knew Keith’s family was targeted. In contrast, Paul is the one who set his own home on fire. A home that his wife and two daughters were still inside of. Yes, you read that right.

Paul tried to burn down his own home with his family inside of it. Luckily, none of them were harmed and they were able to escape.

These facts have left many wondering – does the fire, and shooting of Keith have a connection to Paul somehow? One can’t help but wonder…



When you look at the facts, it is not too far fetched to believe that perhaps this is a classic case of jealously between two bothers. Paul was arrested for arson after trying to set his home ablaze.

Authorities are still trying to determine if the fires are related. They have explained that it is an angle they are still working on. They will continue to pursue it until they have the answers.

They have made it clearly known that the community should not be in fear. Although, there is no suspect currently in custody – this is believed to be an isolated incident.

Police photo

Daily Mail

Friends are left mourning the deaths of Paul, Jennifer, Sophia, and Jesse. One neighbor went on to explain that Paul and his family were “wonder people…it’s pretty shocking stuff.”

The fire was so extreme that even one firefighter suffered injuries. Authorities did the best they could in order to save Jennifer, Sophia, and Jesse – who were both younger than 10. However, they had no luck.

Another neighbor spoke out explaining he did not know how he was going to tell his children what happened to their friends.

Daily Mail

What about Paul’s family?


As for Paul’s family, they are trying to pick up the pieces of what could have happened to their home. One of their neighbors explained that Paul and his wife Susan were at their home Tuesday shortly after news broke about Keith’s house.

While trying to figure out what happened he told the neighbor he suspected it was a gas leak that had happened in Paul’s home. She explained that he had tears in his eyes while telling the story and said “I’m in complete shock I can’t believe this is happening to me.”

Susan was completely devastated. Now Susan is dealing with her husband who was arrested for trying to set their home on fire, while still trying to figure out what happened to her beloved in-laws.


This Mom Kidnapped A Newborn Child, Then Raised Her As Her Own Daughter


When going into deliver a baby, the new parents of course trust the hospital staff to take care of their newborn. However, that wasn’t the case for this young mom. Back in 1998, Shanara Mobley gave birth to her daughter and handed her to Gloria Williams – who she believed was a nurse at the hospital.

Little did Shanara realize, this would be the last time she hold her baby girl. Let alone the last time she would see her. Gloria told Shanara that she was taking her daughter to get her temperature taken.

This was not the case. Gloria, in fact, did not have any association with the hospital. Nearly 18 years later, the truth about the worst day of Shanara’s life has been revealed.



Kamiyah Mobley, was given to Gloria Williams because her family believed she was a nurse and the hospital staff was under the impression she was a relative. However, the truth of the matter was Gloria was neither of those things. Instead the Florida hospital technically helped orchestrate a kidnapping.

Gloria took Kamiyah from the hospital and raised her as her own. She even renamed her – Alexis Manigo. For all of Kamiyah’s life – Gloria is the only mother she has ever known.

The mother and daughter lived together in South Carolina. Kamiyah was loved and accepted by everyone in Gloria’s family.


The William’s family was the only family Kamiyah has ever known. Imagine the shock she must have felt when she found out the truth. Being 18 and in high school is difficult enough.

Add on having your entire world flipped upside down, Kamiyah must have been beside herself. Luckily the first 18 years of her life, despite being kidnapped, where full of love and care.

For Shanara though, the past 18 years have been extremely painful. She would catch herself “in bed crying, taking a bath crying, doing something with her sibling crying.” Shanara was in constant pain.



She couldn’t believe she let her daughter slip through her fingers like that. When she realized that Kamiyah had been taken she began to panic.

While in the hospital Gloria had spent hours getting to know Shanara. This allowed Shanara to develop and steady trust with Gloria. After giving Kamiyah to Gloria though, that trust was obviously gone.

Shanara said she began screaming and became completely hysterical upon realizing what happened. She even began to have suicidal thoughts at one point.



The case of Kamiyah’s abduction made national headlines in 1998. Even after the case had gone “cold” it still attracted lots of attention. It was something so rare that people couldn’t look away.

When you really think about it the thought of a child being abducted from the hospital, and the case seemingly being unsolved is crazy. However, what many didn’t realize is that soon the case would come to a close.

For Shanara years of suffering would finally end. For Kamiyah, and Gloria though things would become extremely complicated.


Craig, Kamiyah’s biological father, held onto to hope that his daughter was in a safe place upon her kidnapping. He “always felt she was alive.” Despite, not having any indication of what truly happened it was easy for many family members assume the opposite.

Not for Craig though he continued to hope and pray. Soon, his prayers would be answered and his long lost daughter would be reunited with him.

Finding Kamiyah was not an easy task. Yet, one Thursday night a shocking discovery that would leave Shanara “elated”  would be revealed.



After tips through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children began to come in the case of Kamiyah’s disappearance began to get solved. Authorities were able to identify Kamiyah through DNA.

While for Kamiyah’s biological family, this discovery was great news – Gloria was about to get the shock of a lifetime. The most shocking part is, it was her own stepdaughter who had called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and left a tip.

Eventually, Gloria was arrested in her South Carolina home. Thankfully Kamiyah was not home to witness this. Gloria was charged with “first-degree kidnapping and third-degree interference with custody.”



For Kamiyah the arrest of her supposed mother was shocking. According to authorities Kamiyah struggled to believe she had been kidnapped. Upon first being interviewed, she refused to believe what authorities were telling her.

Eventually though, she began to acknowledge that they were right. She had been abducted. That hasn’t made the process of finding out she had been abducted any easier though.

Kamiyah, loves Gloria because she is the only mother she’s ever known. In letter exchanged between the two Kamiyah tells Gloria she loves her and wants her to return home.



Many described the trial between Gloria and, Kamiyah’s biological family as hard to watch. Shanara took to the stand during the hearing and told Kamiyah “I am your mother, Kamiyah! I am your mother.” 

While biologically she is, for Kamiyah it will take time for her to develop a bond with her. Kamiyah has told media outlets she is trying to remain neutral throughout the process.

Gloria was able to strike a deal and will serve anywhere between zero and 22 years in prison for the kidnapping.


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