This Mom Shot Both Of Her Young Daughters So She Could Avoid Having To Move

33-year-old Veronica and her husband Ronald Youngblood were married in 2009 in Las Vegas. The two lived together in Fairfax County, Virginia. They shared an apartment in an area called Tysons Corner. They were also raising Veronica’s daughter from a previous relationship. In 2015 Veronica and Ronald welcomed their first and only child together; Brooklynn.

The same year that Brooklynn was born, their marriage began to fall apart. Despite this, the couple continued living together and were actively co-parenting with one another. However, Ronald began to reach a breaking point.

The two entered into a nasty custody battle over Brooklynn. Ronald wanted sole custody of their daughter. Ronald argued that it was not in Brooklynn’s best interest for her mom to have full custody of her. He also went on to say that Veronica was actually a very irresponsible mom….

Facebook; pictured above is mom Veronica Youngblood

Ronald also feared that Veronica would take Brooklynn out of the country and he would never see her again. Veronica was originally from Argentina.

Despite the custody battles the whole family was set to move to Missouri together, as Ronald works for the United States Navy and was being re-stationed.

Ronald works for the United States Navy, and that job frequently requires families to have to move around to a different base

In 2016, the following year, Ronald filed for a protective order against Veronica. Veronica was not allowed with 500 feet of Ronald or their former home. She also was not allowed to be within 500 feet of their daughter.

Despite this Veronica, again, attempted to get sole custody of their shared daughter in an attempt to avoid the move.

Veronica told the court she had a full time job and would be able to provide for Brooklynn. She also told the court that moving Brooklynn would be really stressful and too much of a burden on the young girl.

The court still deemed her unfit as a sole provider and the move was set to take place in early August. However, Veronica felt very strongly about not moving to Missouri. She was going to do whatever she could to avoid having to move.

Late one Sunday night in early August, officers received a 911 call you wouldn’t believe.

Facebook; pictured Veronica poses for a selfie

At around 10:15 p.m. Fairfax County authorities received a phone call reporting a shooting. The 911 dispatcher heard Veronica on this call saying that she had shot both of her daughters, and that she had a gun on her. Veronica then fled the apartment.

Authorities arrived and discovered 5-year-old Brooklynn dead on the scene with a gunshot wound. Veronica’s older daughter was rushed to the hospital and remains in life threatening condition. Police were able to track Veronica down, and they arrested her within an hour of her fleeing. What happened to this terrible mom?

Veronica was taken into custody and held without bail. She also told the judge that she did not have the funds to hire an attorney. She then attempted to kill herself while in jail, but she was not successful. She also then refused to come to her own hearing.

Fairfax County Police; pictured above is Veronica’s mugshot

Her public defender told the judge that her mental health was deteriorating and she couldn’t hold a coherent conversation about the case with him. The judge ordered a mental evaluation of Veronica to see if she is indeed able to stand trial.

Veronica is being charged with murder. Her older teenage daughter sadly passed away at the hospital due to the injuries Veronica inflicted upon her when she shot her.

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