Here Are All The Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Laci Peterson’s Murder & That Of Her Unborn Child (They’re Sure To Infuriate & Disgust You)

Christmas is a time of family and festivities, but something tragic was about to unfold during the holiday season back in 2002. 27-year-old Laci Peterson went missing from her upscale home in Modesto, California.

Her husband Scott reported her as a missing person on Christmas Eve, although she was last seen on December 23rd and she had spoken to her Mom on the phone shortly before she vanished.

The hunt for Laci fueled nationwide interest. The media was all over what happened to her and where she could have gone.

Only several hours into the investigation, police thought everything around her disappearance was suspicious. They quickly turned their interest towards Laci’s husband Scott.

YouTube; pictured above Laci smiles alongside her mom

Laci was 7 and a half months pregnant with Scott’s child. Her unborn son was going to be named Conner.

She was due to have him on February 10th, 2003, and Laci was absolutely thrilled to be a mom. Sadly, Laci would never get to hold Conner or experience the joy of his birth.

YouTube; Laci smiles in the above photo

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