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  • 02_KeysWith_PixieInHand


    Pixie Brings Augmented Reality to Lost and Found Trackers

    The past few years have been good to the forgetful among us. Several lost and found trackers — tiny Bluetooth gadgets that can be affixed to everyday items like wallets and keys — have hit the market, promising the ability to ping your lost items and see their last known location on a map. Pixie is taking […]

  • mirabook


    Mirabook Turns Your Smartphone Into a Fully Functional Laptop

    Mirabook is Android and Microsoft Smartphone compatible with the ability to transform a smartphone into a fully functional laptop by plugging into it via a Type-C USB. Let your smartphone recharge while plugged in and access all of your centralized apps and information all with the convenience of a keyboard, touchpad, full HD display, storage, […]

  • LoveBox_HD


    Send Adorable Notes To Your Loved One With Love Box

    Think of the Love Box as a physical manifestation of text messages between loved ones. It is literally a box that is hewn from a piece of wood from the French town of Jura and inlaid with a mirror that has a little screen underneath it that projects messages sent via the Love Box app […]

  • PS_PLUS-CNY_IP7_Paint_2x1


    Mophie’s Latest Battery Pack is Literally a Piece of Art

    What do you get when you mix traditional Chinese art with Western graffiti and a touch of splash-ink technique? The ephemeral artistic styling of Hua Tunan who partnered with Mophie for a limited edition Powerstation Plus XL Battery Pack in commemoration of the the Chinese New Year which is the Year of the Rooster. It […]

  • DaVinci_IQ-03

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    DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

    The highly anticipated IQ is the latest portable vaporizer from DaVinci. The IQ promises to deliver best-in-class purity, innovation and control. So is the IQ ready to join the ranks of other high-end vaporizers? Keep reading to get the full scoop. If an iPhone and a stun gun had a love child, it would look […]

  • IMG_0636

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    Tech21 Evo Check Case Review (iPhone 7 Plus)

    Your new iPhone is beautiful, but the last thing you want to do is use it without a case. Fortunately, there are a few cases that protect the phone without hiding its beauty, like the Evo Check case from Tech21. The Evo Check case is ultra-thin, lightweight and has a cool checkered pattern on the […]

  • IMG_0627

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    Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case Review (iPhone 7 Plus)

    Are you looking for a rugged case to give your new iPhone some real protection? The Monarch case from Urban Armor Gear (UAG) could be just what you need. Some smartphone cases barely last a year, but that is not likely with the Monarch. UAG gives this case a 10-year warranty! The construction is solid, using […]

  • IMG_0622 (1)

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    Incipio Blue Willow Case Review (iPhone 7 Plus)

    Are you looking for a case to protect your phone with style? Incipio has some beautiful cases for you to choose from in their terrific Design Series, and the one we got to test is the Blue Willow case for the iPhone 7 Plus. The Blue Willow is a fairly standard shell case. It does offer […]

  • selfie


    Rebecca Minkoff Has Come Out with the Ultimate iPhone Selfie Case

    Selfies have come a long way over the years — these days, we have phones dedicated to taking great selfies, whether it be through the use of a front flash or high-powered, kind of off-putting software features. iPhone users get a pretty solid front camera for their part, but the lighting situation could use some improvement. […]

  • Living-champagne (1)


    Plume Brings Wi-Fi Optimization to the Home

    The hottest new problem the tech industry is trying to fix doesn’t sound interesting, but it can make using the internet at home a much more pleasant experience. The problem? Routers! Routers can only route so much data so fast, and thanks to the proliferation of laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, and now smart home devices, […]

  • Puffco_Plus-09


    Puffco Plus Review

    The Puffco Plus is the newest herbal concentrate vape pen from Puffco. The Brooklyn-based company promises that the Plus is “the perfect combination of flavor and discrete vapor for the dedicated connoisseur on the go.” Does this sleek new vape pen deliver on it’s claims? Read on for the lowdown. Dressed up in a gunmetal […]

  • 2257_floppydiskpowerbank_06


    This Ironic Floppy Disk Charges Phones, Has No Storage

    The old floppy disk had its responsibilities as a storage medium taken away a long time ago (well, by everyone except the government), so it’s only fitting that it’s coming back as something else entirely. ThumbsUp UK, home to all manner of kitsch, is now featuring an external battery pack made to look like a […]

  • 381

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    HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

    Click clack, click clack — the sounds a mechanical keyboard makes when you type on one. Typing on a mechanical keyboard is similar to typing on a typewriter, and the feelings your fingers get to experience is simply exquisite. The Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard created by HyperX is nothing short of phenomenal. The Alloy FPS was […]

  • screenshot_83


    These USB-Powered Lightsabers Are Actually Quite Practical

    Winter’s coming, and it seems like there’s a lot less light out now. Well, in the spirit of never-ending Star Wars, you can light up the night with these USB-powered LED lights in the shape of lightsabers. The 16 cm lightsaber lights come in Darth Vader red and Luke Skywalker green, instead of the more topical […]