Chance Kinney

From Modesto, California, Chance received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master's Degree in International Relations from University College Dublin. He loves to travel, and is always looking for interesting people and their stories wherever he goes. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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    Season 6 of Once Upon a Time Will be Jennifer Morrison’s Last

    Hopefully season six of Once Upon a Time wraps up this Sunday with a real fairytale ending, because it might be the end for the whole show. After weighing her options, the show’s star, Jennifer Morrison, has decided not to return to the show after this season. If the story continues, it’s going to be without […]

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    MTV Gave Their First Gender-Neutral Acting Award to Emma Watson

    MTV has made big changes to their annual awards show over the years! What used to be the MTV Movie Awards now encompasses movie and television, and this year they made history by combining the best actor and actress categories into one. MTV now has a single best actor award for both movies and TV […]

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    The Villains Finally Appear in the Final Wonder Woman Trailer

    With Wonder Woman now less than a month away from hitting theaters, we were wondering when Warner Bros. and DC would finally put out another trailer — in an age of ceaseless promotion, it was a surprise to go a couple months between official trailers, even if there’s been a fair number of TV spots recently. The trailer […]

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    Here’s an Easy Way to Protect Yourself from Visual Hacking

    We’re big fans of the open office. Granted, the bar was set low — if Azkaban exists, it’s the old school office, because cubicles are essentially Dementors. Knocking down those soul-sucking work walls lets the light in and lets you see all those wonderful faces you get to work with! Not quite magical, but we’ll […]

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    A Brooklyn Cafe is Suing Starbucks Over the Unicorn Frappuccino

    Oh yes, this is the good stuff. The latest front in the war between hipster cafes and the behemoth Starbucks is over, incredibly appropriately, Instagram. The End is a Brooklyn cafe and the pioneers of the Unicorn Latte, and they’re none too happy with the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. Despite the Unicorn Frap already having come and […]

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    13 Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases You Can Buy Right Now

    Bad battery jokes aside, the biggest threat to the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is still going to be the pavement. If you’re planning to throw down major cash on what once again looks to be one of the top picks in the Android world, here are 13 ways you can protect the S8 from those […]

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    Orphan Black Gets Its Own Video Game, And It’s Available Now

    Need something to do on the bus (or a reason to delay getting out of bed)? There’s an Orphan Black mobile game out there, and it’s perfect for playing little bits at a time, so you can mentally justify a few minutes of game time while actually blowing a good hour! With one of favorite sci-fi […]

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    Nissan Wants to Block Your Phone Signal While You’re Driving

    Despite many initiatives and technologies to combat distracted driving, the practice is still as widespread as ever. Nissan is the latest company to take a crack at the problem by turning the armrest storage box into a signal blocker. Nissan is testing their Signal Shield in their Nissan Juke CUV in the UK. It’s the […]

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    Master & Dynamic’s x Leica Headphone Collaboration is Picture Perfect

    How does a company famous for its camera lenses collaborate on headphones? With a number! Master & Dynamic, a new headphone company out of New York, has made Leica-branded variants of their headphones and headphone stand featuring the number 0.95 in honor of Leica’s new and super advanced Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASP lens. Besides the 0.95 on […]

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    Marvel’s Upcoming Inhumans TV Series Gets its First Cast Shot

    Late last year, we learned that Marvel’s royal family of mutants, the Inhumans, would be coming to TV instead of the movies. The series will get its start in theaters with an IMAX premiere in September before heading to ABC to try to capture the same kind of success as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Today, we’re getting our […]

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    The Gilmore Girls Might Get Its Own Luke’s Diner Lego Set

    Still feeling the rush from that Gilmore Girls revival? Head on over to Lego Ideas, where user Rainer Zufall has uploaded an amazing submission for a Luke’s Diner Gilmore Girls Lego set. Your minifig collection is about to become overly caffeinated! There are tons of cool little details in the submission, like little condiment bottles, the sign hanging outside […]

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    Orphan Black Coloring Book is Just in Time for the Final Season Premiere

    The best stress reliever of all time just got better. There’s now an official coloring book for Orphan Black, and it’s shipping out just in time for the June premiere of the fifth and (sad) final season. The coloring book is chock full of pages featuring, well, a lot of Tatiana Maslany. As if it could […]

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    These 10 U.S. Cities are Where Star Wars Fans are Most Likely to Find Love

    If the Millennium Falcon were a city, it’d be numbers one through ten on this list. Alas, the ultimate Star Wars love station remains inaccessible to the earthbound, so we’ll have to settle for these ten slightly more boring United States cities instead. For May the Fourth, the unofficial official Star Wars holiday, online dating […]

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    BlackBerry KEYOne Review

    We’d say that BlackBerry is back, but the truth is they never left. The one-time smartphone king has been on the ropes for years now, but it hasn’t been for lack of trying. The Z30 of 2014 featured compatibility with Android apps, the Priv of 2015 switched to Android and brought back the physical keyboard in […]

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    Hulu Finally Announces Their Live Streaming TV Subscription Service

    Now that Hulu has a marquee original title in The Handmaid’s Tale, the streaming service finally thinks it’s got the value proposition to hang with the rest of the streaming TV world. At their Upfront event today, Hulu announced a $40 per month live streaming TV service, and while they’ve got almost all the networks you […]

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    Marvel’s Netflix Heroes Finally Team Up in the Defenders Trailer

    As always with Marvel, the goal is dysfunctional teamwork. Now that they’ve got a nice stable of Netflix originals running, it’s time to get them all together for a superseries — The Defenders. Marvel and Netflix got started with Daredevil in April 2015, which proved to be a hit. It was followed by Jessica Jones later in the year, […]

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    OtterBox Teams Up With Mophie to Make Charging Packs for Their uniVERSE iPhone Case

    We first heard about the OtterBox uniVERSE modular case system when the iPhone 7 came out. We liked the promise — a single smartphone case that could work with the many smartphone accessories out there, like Olloclip’s camera lenses or SanDisk’s external storage. Since uniVERSE was introduced, OtterBox has managed to get even more partners on […]

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    iRobot Announces Two Cheaper Roomba Models With Wi-Fi and Alexa

    Wi-Fi connectivity has become a major robot vacuum feature over the last couple of years, and the Roomba has been a big part of that. iRobot stuck Wi-Fi connectivity on their 960 and 980 models, allowing users to create schedules and stop and start their robot vacuums remotely using their smartphones. That modern convenience layer […]