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    Hot Wheels Gets Into the Car Rental Business

    Kids these days. They just don’t seem to like playing with physical things. Or, they do, but no matter what, toys are going to take a hit from gaming and mobile devices. It’s at least going to be a timeshare, and one that hasn’t exactly been favorable to Hot Wheels, which has been struggling with […]

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    2014 Kia Cadenza Survives Las Vegas: Review

    If you want to abuse a car, take it to Las Vegas. And then make sure it has an insurmountable amount of people exiting and entering the car. Make sure it has a enough cup holders, USB ports for charging, and Bluetooth connectivity for people to share their music from any seat in the car. […]

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    Tesla Model S Goes on Record Breaking 12,183 Mile Road Trip

    Talk about a proof of concept – Recargo, the people behind the PlugShare app that finds recharging stations for electric cars, has attempted to prove that electric cars really are viable in the United States by completing a 24-day road trip spanning 28 states, something that just might land them in the Guinness Book of […]

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    Toyota Redesigns the Camry for 2015

    One of the most recognizable cars on the road is going to be a little less recognizable starting this year. The reigning bestselling car in the United States, the Toyota Camry, is getting a design overhaul for the 2015 model.

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    Ford Celebrates 50 Years of the Mustang

    Not content to just celebrate the 2015 Ford Mustang as the 50th anniversary showpiece, Ford is readying a special edition of their new Mustang for the festivities. You may not be surprised to learn that very few people will ever own one.

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    Dashbox is a Pretty Good CarPlay Substitute

    If you’re not planning on buying a new car anytime soon, you probably aren’t going to be seeing much of Apple’s new in-car infotainment UI, CarPlay. Car manufacturers are just starting to integrate CarPlay with their new vehicles anyway, so even if you are planning on buying a new car, CarPlay is still in the […]

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    Hands-On: 2015 Hyundai Genesis Flirts with Autonomous Driving

    It’s easy to get fooled, but this isn’t an Aston Martin. This stylish luxury vehicle is the brand new redesigned 2015 Hyundai Genesis. This car is a techie’s dream, it’s loaded to the brim with every feature you’ve ever heard of, and then some! Read on, you’ll be surprised with what this bad boy is […]

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    2014 Ford Escape is a Techie Wonderland on Wheels: Review

    The 2014 Ford Escape is many things – comfortable, sporty looking, and it delivers respectable gas mileage. While we can write in depth about the engine and handling of this cross-over vehicle, which has been covered over and over again by many others, we prefer to dwell on the interior, the part of the Ford […]

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    Could Flying Cars Become a Reality Soon?

    The next big thing in engines might be on its way. If all goes well, it’ll be clean, cheap, efficient, and have the coolest, most futuristic name of any engine yet. It’s called Gravlet, and it’s an anti-gravity propulsion engine. Researchers in the United Kingdom and Bulgaria are developing Gravlet for use in vehicles. The […]

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    Cadillac CUE Gets Some Tweaks and Its Own App Store

    Cadillac is officially keeping up with the 2014 trends on car tech. In addition to the inclusion of OnStar 4G LTE connectivity starting with 2015 models, Cadillac will be rolling out their very own app store with native apps for their infotainment system, Cadillac CUE. Like with other cars, OnStar 4G LTE will require a […]

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    Build Your Own Futuristic Autonomous Smart Car

      Smart, self-driving cars sound pretty cool, but it’s still hard to wrap your mind around how the technology would be implemented. How would they work alongside cars still driven by people? Won’t they need an insane amount of safety features and protocols, to account for a dizzying number of possible crisis scenarios on the […]

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    Inside the GM OnStar Infotainment Call Center

    When you think of call centers, you probably don’t imagine a high-tech state of the art facility that looks like it’s straight out of a spy film. Which is why we were so surprised when we were given a tour of GM OnStar’s Infotainment call center in Austin, Texas. The Infotainment call center is where […]

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    Test Driving Chevy’s 4G LTE Connected Car

    Chevy’s 4G LTE connected car made a splash at CES. That is because their new connected car technology transforms your car into a giant hotspot that can connect up to 7 devices at one time. As a matter of fact, thanks to a stronger antennae, the connected 4G LTE cars from Chevy offer better connectivity […]

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    Come on Feel the Noise: Beats Music App Coming to Chevrolet AppShop

    Beats Music, the new streaming music service from Beats, isn’t even a few months old and it’s already migrating to the newest of app platforms – the car. At SXSW, Chevrolet announced that Beats Music will be available on the Chevrolet AppShop. The Chevrolet AppShop, which will be accessible via the MyLink display in Chevrolet […]

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    The Batmobile Can Be Yours For a Cool Million

    Calling all real-life Bruce Waynes: better have Alfred start filling out the order form for the Batmobile. Someone in Florida has made five of the very Batmobile from the Nolan Batman films, and they cost a paltry million each. Chump change coming out of Wayne Manor. The Batmobile, which, incredibly, is street legal, has an […]

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    Test Driving the 2014 Toyota Highlander

    The Toyota Highlander has been redesigned and revamped for 2014 and it’s now larger and more luxurious than ever before. For starters, the car is now made of a rigid unibody structure that has been made to be a bit wider and longer, so that there is more available interior space, as well as an […]