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    Amazon Will Let You Try on Clothes for Free

    Get ready to go nuts on your shopping cart. Amazon has come to dominate most of the retail world, but it’s still not quite there when it comes to clothing and food. They’re aggressively trying to fix that this year — first they bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, and now they’ve announced they’re preparing a […]

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    See-Through Lace Shorts and Shirts for Men Are Now a Thing

    First it was the RompHim, now lace shorts for men are becoming a trend this summer. Will men embrace pastel see through fashions? Do you want them to? The RompHim, a lightweight summer one piece romper for men, raises over $150,000 on Kickstarter and has kicked off another new fashion trend for men -pastel colored […]

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    Fidget Spinner Madness Has Even Reached Nail Art

    Now that humanity has discovered the ultimate weapon to fight boredom, it’s incumbent upon all of us to spread it to all aspects of life. One beauty vlogger agrees, and she’s done the bored people of the world a solid by miniaturizing the new hotness to fit on fingernails. Beauty vlogger Natasha Lee has broken […]

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    Coach’s NASA Space Collection is Out of This World

    When Coach announced they were buying Kate Spade, there was a contingent that worried about Coach scrubbing away Kate Spade’s quirkiness. Well, it’s too soon to tell what changes will come about because of the acquisition, but at least for this month, it looks like the effect is going in the opposite direction. Revealed earlier […]

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    Coach Buys Kate Spade for $2.4 Billion

    Old school and new school are coming together. Coach, the longtime maker of luxury leather handbags, is snapping up the relatively young fashion and accessory brand Kate Spade New York for $2.4 billion in a bid to create a combined company that can appeal to a broader number of people. The pairing might seem a […]

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    23 Incredible Disney Inspired Earrings Fit for a Princess (or Villain)

    These 23 Disney-themed earrings capture the magic of childlike imagination — call it a rebellion against your everyday adult clothes! We all may be used to dressing like a grownup, but we can’t forget what makes the little kid in us happy. Tinker Bell Swarovski Crystal Earrings Tink had that special spark that won Peter’s heart, and these […]

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    25 Hilariously Geeky Onesies for Adults

    A wearable blanket? Sign us up. Onesies are gaining in popularity, so don’t miss out on the comfiest trend of the year. If you can tear yourself away from your pillow fort, you can even wear them in public — welcome to 2017! We rounded up 25 of the cutest and geekiest onesies the internet has […]

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    Amazon Echo Look Turns Alexa Into Your Personal Stylist

    Well, we knew Alexa was always listening. Starting today, she’ll be watching, too — and judging. Amazon announced the Echo Look today, an Alexa speaker with a camera and four bright LED lights for flash to make sure you and your clothes look their best. In terms of hardware, the Amazon Echo Look isn’t that much […]

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    There’s a Whole New Line of Star Trek Swimwear

    Summer’s around the corner, and ThinkGeek knows it. They’re following up on their awesome Star Trek swimwear collection from last year with a couple brand new designs. Fitting, because with how this winter’s gone, the beach is going to look like an alien planet by the time we actually get out there. Last year, the whole […]

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    Adidas 3D-Printed Sneaker Can Be Custom Made Just for You

    One of the most exciting aspects of 3D printing is that it makes it possible to produce large batches of slightly different products quickly. Whereas traditional mass production just pumps out thousands of identical units, 3D printing processes can introduce slight tweaks to suit individuals. One of the most obvious uses for that? Shoes! Thanks […]

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    These Watches Are Covered in the Fur of YOUR Pets

    Look, pets shed a lot. You could store all that fur in your vacuum, but what if you could make use of it? We’ve all had that thought, right? Analog Watch Co. definitely did — they’re more than willing to take in bags of animal hair and make watches out of it. As befits your beloved […]