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    V-Moda Remix Customizable Bluetooth Speaker Review

    Over the years, V-Moda has built a strong brand for high-end consumer headphones that are beautifully engineered, and, usually customizable. Now, V-Moda has released their first ever bluetooth speaker, and it’s very V-Moda. The V-Moda Remix speaker is the first ever bluetooth speaker to include a built-in headphone amplifier. It may also be the first […]

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    Sonos Playbase Review

    The Playbase is not Sonos’ first home theater product, but it definitely shows that the company’s design and engineering prowess has jumped up to a whole new level. The Playbase is exactly what we (or at least many of us) want in a home audio system — and that is plenty of audio power without the clutter […]

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    Master & Dynamic Made a Wireless Speaker Out of Concrete

    Usually when we see speakers of any kind, we see the housing made of plastic or, if things are getting fancy, wood. Concrete? Not so much. But, that’s exactly what New York audio company Master & Dynamic has used in their first wireless speaker, and they have good reason for doing so. The MA770 was […]

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    Monster’s Ravebox is Pretty Much a Light Show Inside a Speaker

    Earlier this month, Monster helped get a party started on South Padre Island in Texas. The spring break hotspot is home to Ultimate Music Experience, which went down earlier this month. While the likes of Marshmello, Tiesto, and Zedd did the heavy musical lifting, Monster did double duty, providing both light and sound. Bluetooth speakers […]

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    Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Sound Bar Review

    You buy a big new TV, the picture quality blew you away in the store, and you’re super excited to watch TV and movies on it. Then, disappointment hits — it turns out that that expensive state-of-the-art TV has horrible audio, and it’s really difficult to make out dialogue. That means it’s time to buy a […]

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    V-MODA’s First Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Doubles as a Headphone Amp

    Most big audio companies started making Bluetooth wireless speakers a long time ago, but V-MODA isn’t most big audio companies. The stylish hi-fi brand is finally getting around to releasing one, and appropriately enough, it’s not just another Bluetooth speaker. The Remix can create big sound in more ways than one, acting as both a […]

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    aiFi Ai-1 Review: The Modular Stackable Bluetooth Speaker

    After witnessing the aiFi Speaker Tower, hands on and ears on, we knew that the aiFi Ai-1 Speaker was a serious feat of engineering. By most standards, it’s an everyday portable bluetooth speaker. It connects to most every device via bluetooth or auxiliary cable, has a large rechargeable 8 hour battery, plays loud music, and […]

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    Trip the Light Fantastic with the JBL Pulse 3 Pulsating Speaker

    Every JBL Pulse speaker has been a sight to see, but their new Pulse 3 is even more beautiful then ever. What other speaker includes a 360 degree synchronized lightshow?! JBL Pulse 3 is now IPX7 waterproofed. It’s a bluetooth speaker with big sound and a big 12 hour rechargeable battery. While the premise is […]

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    Make a Speaker Tower with the Modular aiFi Ai-1 Speaker

    We just experienced the aiFi speaker tower and have to admit: the aiFi Ai-1 is an impressive device. While we don’t expect any sane person to create their own 66 speaker tower, it was a really interesting demo to see how the speaker hive mind works. The Ai-1 speaker is a feature-rich bluetooth speaker as […]

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    JBL Soundgear is a Wearable Speaker You Wear Around Your Neck

    You don’t know it yet, but you want a wearable speaker. Sounds a bit crazy, but think about this: how nice is it to listen to music without having headphones in your ear or on your ear? On the contrary, how nice is it keeping your music and tunes personal without bothering or including others […]

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    Lenovo Enters the Smart Home With Their Own Alexa-Enabled Smart Assistant

    Amazon’s immense success moving Alexa devices during the holiday probably didn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the tech industry. It certainly didn’t come as a surprise to Lenovo — they’ve been working with Amazon to create their own smart home speaker, and they’re showing it off at CES 2017. The Smart Assistant is, essentially, […]