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    Sol Republic Relays are Not Just For Working Out

    Sol Republic is at CES with Relays, a new pair of earphones that the company says the solves the problem of needing separate earphones for exercise and daily life. I am not wholly convinced that is a real problem – be that as it may, the Relays do look stylish enough in their own right […]

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    Smartphones Do the Harlem Shake Over the Horizon 2 [Video]

    The trailblazer of sorts for the table PC market, the Lenovo Horizon, is getting an upgrade this year. The Horizon 2 brings much of the same in terms of specs, but in a thinner, lighter frame with a few new bells and whistles tacked on. Inside, you can still expect 4th generation Intel core processors […]

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    ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the Lightest 14” Laptop EVER [Video]

    The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon has gone on a diet, making it the lightest 14’’ laptop ever. The ‘Carbon’ part tells you a lot about why this thing is so light. The exterior is made out of light (and equally tough) carbon fiber, making the whole thing weigh just 2.8 pounds. We were stunned when we […]

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    Lenovo Miix 2 Takes on the Surface 2 [Video]

    If you’re a little confused by the headline, there’s good reason – yes, Lenovo already did release something called the Miix 2 last year. That was an 8” Windows 8.1 tablet – what Lenovo is unveiling at CES are the 10” and 11” models, and they’re taking a bit of a different approach than the […]

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    Lenovo ThinkVision 28 is a Smart Display Running Android

    The Lenovo ThinkVision 28 (initials are TV – coincidence? I think not) is pretty much a smart TV, just without the TV part. How does that work? Simple – it’s your standard monitor, which just so happens to run Android. OK, maybe not standard. This monitor features a 28” display rocking 4k-level quality at 3840 […]

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    Lenovo N308 is an Android Desktop Computer – Say What?

    For those of you who really, really like Android, Lenovo is about to give you a jumbo-sized Jelly Bean experience. The Lenovo N308 is a 19.5’’ all-in-one computer running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and it comes with a full-sized keyboard and mouse. We should probably preface this by saying that the Android AIO, while uncommon, […]

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    Lenovo Yoga and Flex Models Get Revamped

    Lenovo released the Yoga 2 Pro last year, a high-powered multi-purpose notebook/tablet/anything you want it to be. At CES this year, Lenovo is releasing the Yoga 2 for the rest of us – a scaled down and, more importantly, more affordable notebook that doesn’t skimp on all the things that make the Yoga line great. […]

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    LaCie Sphère Hard Drive is 360 Degrees of Luxury

    Normally, I would decry a luxury tech device with a French accent in the name as utterly insufferable, but LaCie and silver design house Christofle are actually from France, so I guess the Sphère gets a pass. Sphère is a ritzy-for-the-sake-of-it silver-plated hard drive in the form of a sphere that looks like it might […]

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    LaCie Goes Wireless with Fuel Drive

    Running low on storage space on your iPad? Add a little fuel to the fire – well, a lot, actually. The LaCie Fuel Wireless Drive is a mobile hard drive that syncs with Apple device wirelessly and provides a whole 1 TB of extra storage.

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    Check Out Our CES 2014 Survival Kit

    CES 2014 is just around the corner, and our coverage of the world’s biggest consumer electronics show starts this Sunday. But before heading out to deal with the throngs of tech loving crowds in Vegas, we’re going to share with you what is in our CES Survival kit this year – well, at least some […]

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    Lepow Mod Bluetooth Speaker is Simply Groovy

    I’ll have to be forgiven for my lack of sophistication in saying that I thought this looked like a dual water faucet sink at first glance, but no, the Lepow Mod is a Bluetooth speaker taking after the Mod cultural movement in ’60s Britain. We’ll get our first glance at Mod next week at CES […]

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    Samsung Unveils Galaxy Camera 2

    Samsung is coming to CES  2014 with two cameras in hand – a new compact interchangeable lens camera and a follow-up to the smart camera from last year, the Galaxy Camera. The Samsung NX30 is the interchangeable lens camera, and features a 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, with auto-focus made snappy by Samsung’s own NX […]

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    Vibe Z is Lenovo’s High-End Smartphone

    Lenovo is once again showing up to CES with brand new smartphones, in an effort to keep making inroads into nascent smartphone markets in southeast Asia and the Middle East. They’re doing so with a smartphone in the Vibe Z that looks to be at just about the cutting edge in most respects. The Vibe […]