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    Apple’s App Subscription Plan Makes Developers Give Them More Money

    In today’s mobile device dominated world, publications and media providers have been turning more and more to subscriptions offered to their app customers in order to survive and grow. Well, to no one’s surprise, Apple wants a cut of the profits made through those apps. Apple has announced that it will require app developers to […]

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    Stay Safe on the Road with the Anti Sleep Pilot App

    Now, more than ever, driving can be a more dangerous task than it should be. Everyone’s always mobile, on the road, and the one thing no one ever seems to get enough of is sleep. You should keep in mind, though, that 20% of all traffic accidents are related to driver fatigue. Also, here’s a […]

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    Logitech Alert 750i Master System Review

    Setting up your own camera security system has really never been easier! You could easily spend thousands on a security camera system for your home or office, and it wouldn’t offer all of the easy-to-use features that the Logitech Alert 750i Master System does. Motion-triggered recording, automatic email alerts, audio recording, easy expandability, PC-free recording, […]

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    VogDUO Green Wall Charger Lets You Set a Charging Time Limit

    The problem with most wall chargers is that you never know how long to leave your gadget connected to them, unless you actually turn on your gadget and look at the battery status. Well VogDUO’s Green Wall Charger is set to change all of that. This USB wall charger lets you set the charging time […]

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    Atomic Floyd MiniDarts Headphones Review

    The Atomic Floyd MiniDarts are the latest piece of ear-candy for the avid music listener. These in-ear headphones will look like someone shot a bullet into each of your ears and rightly so, since they will indeed be shooting pure sonic joy into your canals. Design The Atomic Floyd MiniDarts consists of my favorite colors, […]

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    Agloves are Afforable Gloves for iPad, iPhone and and Other Touchscreen Devices

    We’ve covered all sorts of iPhone friendly gloves over the years – including everything from Dots Gloves, Echo Gloves, to the TouchTec’s luxury leather gloves. Now yet another company has joined the market for touchscreen gloves. Agloves has created touchscreen friendly gloves by knitting silver yarn through out their entire glove. They chose silver (Ag) […]

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    HP Photosmart eStation Printer has Removable Touchscreen with Web Browser & Widgets

    The HP Photosmart eStation Ai0 is the world’s first printer with a full web browser that operates on a detachable 7″ touchscreen. This removable touchscreen display also features Yahoo! integration (that includes Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Weather direct from the display), it comes with neat widgets and apps – including an […]

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    POWER A Universal Remote for iPhone 3GS & 3G Review

    POWER A Universal Remote Case adds infrared(IR) remote control capabilities to your iPhone 3G/3GS. The concept is pretty solid; it enables your iPhone to control almost any device which you have a remote control for (IR only, no RF or Bluetooth). Will I chuck out the window all those extra remotes I have and the […]

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    Moshi Moshi’s MMo3i Retro Chic iPhone Dock & Bluetooth Headset

    The Moshi Moshi MMo3i is one of the slickest iPhone bluetooth headsets we’ve ever laid eyes upon. We’re talking retro cool, meets modern aesthetics combined with modern technology. The MMo3i was designed by French designer David Turpin. The device resembles an old school telephone handset, but at the end of its base there is a […]

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    BirdBox Alarm Clock Turns Your iPhone into a Working Cuckoo Clock

    Really, what can the iPhone/iPod Touch not do these days?! Well it seems the possibilities are endless! How about making it into a cuckoo clock? The application is called BirdBox Alarm Clock, and the App is free, but you can also purchase an accompanying Bird bird box to complete the cuckoo clock look. If you […]

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    Pantech C820 Matrix Pro Review

    The new Pantech C820 Matrix Pro is an update to Pantech’s Matrix Duo, a Windows Mobile smartphone that sports both a numeric and QWERTY keypad. For those looking for a Windows Mobile device that packs in just about everything – the Pantech Matrix Pro C820 runs on AT&T’s speedy 3G network, it sports GPS, a […]

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    8 Web Sites That Will Help You Survive the Recession

    Indeed – There are so many job classifieds web sites out there, who has the time to sift through all of them daily? Not only does Indeed let you search through popular job posting sites, it also offers free daily alerts based on your keyword and location. So every time a job posting for an […]

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    Coveroo Your BlackBerry with a Custom Engraved Back Cover

    If you want to get your cellphone or iPod laser engraved, it’s a commitment. It’s almost like getting a tattoo for your skin – once it’s done you can’t undo it or turn your skin back to what it once was. The same holds true with laser engraving a gadget. Not to mention, it’s likely […]