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    PADACS Aksent In-Ear Headphones for iPad, iPhone, and iPods Review

    Padacs is a company that specializes in the production of iAccessories, more specifically accessories for iPad and iPhone 4. Though it seems like this company has come out of nowhere, we were pretty impressed with their Rubata iPad Keyboard, which we reviewed last week. Reviewing their Aksent High-Definition In-Ear Headphones was an equally positive experience. […]

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    Tron Light Disc Audio Dock from Monster Review

    When Disney’s Tron Legacy was announced, it meant two things. Devoted Tron geeks would get to see their favorite cult film rebooted. The other, since Disney was involved, meant that there’d be some serious merchandising…lots and lots of MERCHANDISING. Some of it has been toys of rather meek quality, others like the Oakley glasses or […]

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    Griffin PowerDock Dual for iPad and iPhone Review

    How many households own both an iPhone and iPad nowadays? Multiple Apple iOS devices are becoming common place in the home, so stand-alone docks and stands can’t always cut it. Personally, my desk feels disorganized with my iPhone lying around on one side, and my iPad sitting up in a stand on the other. Griffin’s […]

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    Hard Candy Street Skin Case for iPhone 4 Review

    Hard Candy has recently released the Street Skin Case for iPhone 4. This lightweight case does not just look rugged, it is rugged. It offers your iPhone superior protection, while maintaining a good feel and good looks. The Street Skin is made of TPU rubber and is available in clear, black, and a translucent pinkish-red. […]

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    PowerMat Wireless Charging System for iPhone 4 Review

    Charging your iPhone 4 is now as easy as plopping it down. PowerMat Wireless Charging System is one of the easiest and quickest ways to charge your iPhone. While using the included protective iPhone 4 case, just place iPhone onto the custom fitted mat and voila–it’s charging. It’s safe, easy to use, energy efficient, and […]

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    Atomic Floyd MiniDarts Headphones Review

    The Atomic Floyd MiniDarts are the latest piece of ear-candy for the avid music listener. These in-ear headphones will look like someone shot a bullet into each of your ears and rightly so, since they will indeed be shooting pure sonic joy into your canals. Design The Atomic Floyd MiniDarts consists of my favorite colors, […]

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    TypeTop is Yet Another iPhone 4 Keyboard Case, in Leather

    Let the iPhone 4 Keyboard case wars begin! We just reviewed ThinkGeek’s TK-421 Flipout Keyboard Case for the iPhone 4 and recently covered two other new iPhone 4 keyboards – the Nuu Keyboard and an iPhone 4 keyboard from Thanko. Now the TypeTop Bluetooth Mini Keyboard Case for iPhone 4 has showed up. It also […]

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    TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-out Keyboard Review

    Finally, an iPhone with a physical keyboard! Some of us have been waiting for this day since June of 2007. ThinkGeek is the first to endow iPhone with such a feature. The TK-421 iPhone Flip-Out Keyboard is a case for your iPhone 4 or 3GS that uses bluetooth connectivity to give iPhone the 36+ buttons you’ve been craving. […]

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    iDeck Cassette Adapter Now Works with iPhone 4

    How many of us still have a cassette deck in our cars and no Aux jack. I’m sure plenty, which only frustrates us when we want to listen to music from our iPhone or iPod and don’t want to be subjected to those unpredictable FM Transmitters. Fortunately, iDeck has released the 2nd version of this […]

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    iPhone 4 Quartet Case by Case-Mate Review

    Finally! A Rubik’s you don’t need to ‘solve’ to show off it’s beauteous appearance. The iPhone 4 Quartet Case by Case-Mate is Rubik’s-Cube-esque in that there’s beautiful bright colors to shuffle around. The case comes with six pieces and you choose four of them and create your ideal color arrangement for your iPhone 4. When […]

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    BONE Horn Stand for iPhone Review: Boosts Sound & Saves Battery

    Bone Horn Stand is a portable ‘speaker’ for iPhone 4. The silicon horn stand uses an old school, passive, technique to amplify the capability of your iPhone speaker. It requires no power…talk about old school. This novel device is incredible; music sounds bigger, louder, clearer, and more directed. You won’t believe that such a high […]

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    Cartier iPhone 4 Case Comes in Pink and Other Expensive Colors

    Louis Vuitton and Prada both have iPhone cases, so why shouldn’t Cartier? But perhaps Cartier has one-upped the luxury iPhone case competition by offering their case in a selection of four colors – pink, black, brown or blue. Made with a goatskin exterior, lined with Alcantara microfiber lining, and embossed with the Cartier signature on […]

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    Speck Candy Shell for iPhone 4 Review

    Speck’s Candy Shells for iPhone 4 are amongst the funkiest and hippest cases on the market right now. These two-tone rubber and glossy plastic cases come in a wide range of fun eye-popping colors. The Candy Shell is also the most protective and comfortable cases we’ve gotten our hands on (literally). The case is made […]

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    Speck Fitted iPhone 4 Case Review

    Speck never ceases to impress. Their new Fitted iPhone 4 case line is stylish, functional, and protective. The case is two pieces: the fabric-wrapped back, and a matte black plastic face bezel. Together they form the perfect fit for iPhone.The top bezel protrudes a few millimeters from the screen adding a degree of screen protection […]