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    Galaxy S5 Active is Ready to Break a Sweat, Lands at AT&T

    The Galaxy S series isn’t just made up of one flagship device anymore. Samsung has all kinds of offshoots, perhaps most notably the Active smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy S Active phones tend to be more rugged than the stock flagship device, usually at the expense of some high-end specs. Looks like that’s changing this time around.

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    Samsung Giga Speaker is a ’90s Boombox on Steroids

    Samsung had a lot of big TV announcements this week, but they aren’t just focusing on the visual side of things. Samsung’s packing a few punches in audio this year, none bigger than their appropriately-named GIGA speaker system. Samsung has some speakers that are great when paired with the TV for some evening relaxation, but […]

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    Samsung Drops Curved UHD TVs This Month, Partners with Fox for UHD Content

    Samsung’s cavalcade of 4k UHD televisions, last seen at CES, are a little bit closer to being seen in your living room. Today, Samsung made an announcement about their new line of televisions, revealing new pricing and availability details. The centerpiece of that CES showcase, the curved 105” UHD TV, is unfortunately still bereft of […]

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    Samsung Hopes Milk Does a Body Good

    I haven’t worked out why, exactly, Samsung’s new radio service is called Milk, but there it is. Samsung is coming out with its own take on radio, with over 200 genre and curated stations and a music library of over 13 million songs. If you’re reading this blog, it’s nigh unthinkable that you don’t already […]

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    How To Be a Brand Whore at SXSW

    South by South West is in its 27th year, and it has come a long way from its grass roots origins. A show that used to be about discovering all things indie and new in the world of music, film and tech, has now become not only a celebrity destination, but a hot mess of […]

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    The Big Winner at the Oscars is Samsung

    It turns out that the big winner at the Oscars was Samsung. I bet you thought we were going to say Dallas Buyers Club (Both Leto and McConaughey won for their roles) didn’t you? Nope. Forget Angelina, Brad and Meryl – because it was Samsung who was the big winner at the 86th Academy Awards. […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S5 is a Glam iPhone Killer [Hands on]

    It’s that time of year again – Samsung is officially trotting out this year’s upgrade to their ultra-popular smartphone. The Galaxy S5 is coming April 11, and the changes are – well, they’re significant in some respects, but also pretty minimal in some ways. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right? At 5.1”, the […]

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    Samsung Gear Fit Just Killed the Fitness Tracker [Video]

    We’re starting to feel bad for the smaller fitness tracking companies this year. It’s clearly the year when the major players enter the ring, and it’s equally clear that they’re bringing a lot of money and refinement to the table. For a good example, look no further than the Samsung Gear Fit, the third of […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Gear Gets Kid Robot Makeover

    Samsung got artistic this year at CES, partnering up with Kid Robot to show off some high-quality figurines based on the Samsung Galaxy brand. Loosely based, that is. The partnership looks to be in name only, but that doesn’t make the figurines look any less beautiful. Actually, that probably makes them more beautiful, because I […]

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    Samsung Booth TV Tour: CES 2014

    Samsung has lots to show off here at CES, as per tradition. We took a tour of the booth and have highlighted a few of the key new TV products and concepts. Curved TVs: Curved TVs are the big trend here at CES. It’s nice to see that Samsung already has a bunch on the […]

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    Samsung Unveils Galaxy Camera 2

    Samsung is coming to CES  2014 with two cameras in hand – a new compact interchangeable lens camera and a follow-up to the smart camera from last year, the Galaxy Camera. The Samsung NX30 is the interchangeable lens camera, and features a 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, with auto-focus made snappy by Samsung’s own NX […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Round Gets Curvalicious For Korea

    Everything you’ve been hearing about curved screens on the horizon has finally shown up in the form of an actual product. We now have the Samsung Galaxy Round, the first smartphone with a curved screen. Just don’t get in line to buy one yourself, unless you live in South Korea. The Galaxy Round will be […]