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    Star Trek Beyond IMAX Review – An Enjoyable Standalone Episode

    Star Trek Beyond does a beautiful job of immersing you in the futuristic universe of Starfleet and the Federation. On the human (or otherwise) side of things, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, and the core cast continue to do a great job of recreating the synergy and camaraderie of the original Star Trek crew. We would […]

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    25 Gorgeous Yet Geeky Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day

    They say that your wedding day is truly the only day all about you. It’s your one chance to make everything about that day exactly what you want and love, starting with the wedding cake! Here are 25 wedding cakes that will keep your wedding geeky. Starfleet Insignia Cake Does anything say devotion and integrity […]

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    25 Funny Handmade Soaps to Keep You Geeky Clean

    Soap! Come on, let’s have some enthusiasm — while it doesn’t make a great gift on its own, it’s a perfect add-in to a geek gift basket or a welcoming touch for house guests. Whatever your geek interests, you can bet there’s a soap for it.We dug up 25 of these geeky, soapy gift ideas, and […]

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    Mattel is Making Star Trek Barbie Dolls

    It’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and everyone wants in on the action. You’d better believe that includes Mattel, which is now showing off three new dolls that are pretty much mandatory purchases for collectors, or for any Star Trek fan, really. Spock, Kirk, and Uhura are all getting their own Barbie dolls, and […]

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    Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock Bobbleheads Battle It Out at SDCC

    Back in the early days of the original Star Trek television series, there was a time that Spock and Kirk came to blows. Well, to lirpas, but let’s not split hairs. Point is, there was fighting that needed to be done, and it was a pretty solid battle when it was all said and done and […]

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    27 Incredibly Geeky Yet Classy Ties

    Ties are a timeless, go-to gift idea for the men in your life, especially when Father’s Day rolls around. If your husband, dad, or brother is really a geek at heart, you’re bound to find the one that is just right for the man of the hour among these geeky ties! Subtle Superman Emblem This tie sneaks the […]

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    Boldly Go to the Beach in These Star Trek Trekini Swimsuits

    If we’re looking for the best geeky swimsuits to wear this summer, it’d be illogical not to include these. ThinkGeek has just gotten in a whole line of Trekini Swimwear, which funny enough doesn’t actually include any bikinis. Fine by us — get a Starfleet insignia on there, and we don’t care too much about the […]

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    Trekkies Will Line Up For These Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock Speakers

    Can’t really do the image and gif reactions in real life, can you? Well, when someone acts a fool, now you can turn to Dr. Spock to let them know about it. Massive Audio has a couple of officially licensed Star Trek speakers in the form of Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock, and they’ve been […]

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    25 Geeky Flasks and Shot Glasses for the Nerdy Boozer in Your Life

    Flasks are one of those go-to, perfect for just about anybody gifts. Traditionally, brides and grooms love to gift flasks to their wedding party, but they also make great gifts for parents, siblings, or workmates. And if any of those people are geeks, let me tell you, you’ve got options. Here are 25 ways to help your favorite party […]

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    25 Insanely Geeky Yet Chic Purses

    People often say you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their shoes, but with women, it’s all in the purse. So, let your inner geek meet your inner fashionista and try one of these 25 fantastically fun and fashionable purses. We have something in here for every price range, from cheap and […]

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    Star Trek White Noise Generator Helps Trekkies Sleep At Night

    Everyone knows what today is, right? I’m sure you do, because April Fools’ Day has pretty much been Christmas-ized. When jokes start leaking out days in advance, you know things have gone awry. Still, there’s one source of April Fools’ Day jokes that we love — ThinkGeek. That’s because half the time, their jokes end […]

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    20 Ways to Geek Out Your Kitchen

    Kitchens are where the magic happens. Food brings people together, and at any party or dinner party, we all end up in the kitchen at some point. That’s why it should really reflect the heart of who you are. If you are a nerd that loves sci-fi films and uses the word “science” as a […]

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    Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage Concert Tour is Kicking Off Soon

    If you’re a Trekkie from any era, it’s going to be worth your while to check out the ultimate (it’s right there in the name) musical tribute to Star Trek. After kicking off in Florida last month, the Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage concert tour is going to be canvassing the United States and Canada […]

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    Star Trek Booties Are Basically Uggs for Trekkies

    We don’t think we’re overstating our case here — these boots might not be made by Ugg, but fellow Australian company Burlee is clearly following in their footsteps. These guys are out to make big, shapeless boots cool like never before — Uggs might not have lived long and prospered, but we’ve got higher hopes […]

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    Star Trek Transporter Pad Coasters Help Your Wooden Tables Live Long and Prosper

    The coaster — a simple tool that makes life more efficient, cutting down on the need for extra time spent cleaning while extending the lifespan of wooden tables. It’s a satisfying solution to a small problem. What we’re saying is, Spock definitely used coasters and they probably looked a little like this (minus the branding, […]

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    CBS Orders New Star Trek Series

    Granted, it might just be CBS that wants to live long and prosper — with traditional network television at risk from streaming services like Netflix, CBS is trying to strike streaming gold with CBS All Access, and they’ve wasted no time in announcing their presumptive hit show. Despite the premiere being over a year away, […]