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    LG Shows Off World’s Largest 55″ 3D OLED TV – Hands On

    Stack up three credit cards, and that’s how thin the new LG 55″ 3D OLED Television is. After viewing this beauty of a television here at CES 2012, we have to admit it displayed one of the most vivid, detailed, and accurate images we’ve ever seen, especially on a 55 inch! Every single pixel in […]

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    Vuzix Shows Off a Real-Life HUD in Sunglasses Form

    You read that right – fantasies stoked by science fiction entries from Dragonball Z to Halo are coming a little closer to fruition. At CES 2012 this week, Vuzix showed off its new SMART glasses technology, made possible in part thanks to a partnership with Nokia. The lenses of the sunglasses will be capable of […]

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    Samsung Unveils Super OLED TV

    If you’ve ever seen a smartphone with an OLED display, you’d have to agree it’s one of the sharpest images, with most vibrant colors, and blackest blacks. Scaling up the beautiful 3″ OLED screen seemed like it was never going to happen until now. Samsung has just unveiled their amazingly gorgeous 55 inch Super OLED […]

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    Samsung Unveils and Redefines Smart TV

    Until now, “Smart TV” meant an Internet-capable TV with some apps. Here, at CES 2012, Samsung has just redesigned the concept with the 2012 Smart TVs. They explain it as “TVs that recognize and respond to you, connect your family in and out of the home, and offer amazing new content options personalized to your […]

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    Sony Debuts Crystal LED Prototype

    Move over plasma and LCD, Sony’s Crystal LED might soon be making waves. The Sony Crystal LED is just a prototype and a proof-of-concept, but the beauty, accuracy, and crispness of the image is very real. A lot of TVs have use a feature called “local dimming” where areas of the TV can dim independently […]

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    Easy Peasy PC to TV Streaming with Warpia

    Warpia demonstrated their wireless solution to PC to TV streaming today. Warpia TV is icon based (remind you of anything?) and comes with a funny looking slender mouse for web browsing. This allows users to stream content up from up to 30ft away with easy icon based buttons making for easy navigation. WarpiaTV Wireless Edition […]

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    NextBox Google TV Box by E FUN Will Make You Never Leave Your Couch

    At CES 2012, E FUN announced the set-top NextBox Google TV Box providing a preemptive duck and upper cut to the rumored oncoming Apple TV revolution. This tiny box lets you go web browsing, social networking, meme watching on Youtube, and peruse your normal TV channels. Yay for integration! Here are some more specs: Features […]

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    Lenovo K91 Smart TV Runs Ice Cream Sandwich

    With the Lenovo K91 Smart TV, Lenovo marks its first entry into unexplored territory. But the K91 Smart TV isn’t just a smart TV, but it’s also one of the first Smart TVs to come running Android 4.0. This powerful TV features natural voice control, facial recognition with a child lock, console quality level gaming, […]

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    Samsung InTouch Transforms Your Decrepit HDTV into a Smart TV

    Jealous that all your friends have a smarter TV than you? Well now you can take your HDTV from dumbo to nerd with this new add-on from Samsung called the InTouch Camera System. Looking more like Kinect, rather than a hidden brain for your TV,  it bridges the gap between those who don’t have a […]

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    Philips Wireless HD Net Connect (SWW1890) Review

    Wireless HDMI is here! Don’t be too surprised, remember we live in the future now. The Philips Wireless HD Net Connect (SWW1890) transmits full HD 1080p video, with digital sound, from a transmitter to a receiver. The HD Net Connect can be set up in a matter of minutes and it even comes with everything you need to mount […]

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    Apple Smart TV Expected to Come in Three Different Sizes

    Details continue to trickle out about the upcoming Apple TV, now rumored to see a late 2012 release. Word is that three different sizes will be available, including a 32” model and a 55” model. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Rumor has it the user interface is going to be very simple […]

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    Apple to Use Sharp LCDs for Next Apple TV

    You didn’t think Apple would stay on the sidelines while Samsung and Google are making strides in the smart TV market, did you? Hopefully not, because it looks like an Apple TV is going to be hitting markets in the middle of next year. Word is that Sharp has been tabbed to produce the television […]

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    Roku 2 XS Review

    Lately there has been much less reliance on watching television via a cable or satellite provider; and why wouldn’t there be? There is an abundance of free and inexpensive online content including shows and movies you would see on television as well as internet exclusive content. The only reason most haven’t canned their cable/satellite subscriptions […]

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    Samsung Teases Google TV Launch at CES 2012

    Reports are out that Samsung is working with Google to release a Samsung Smart TV that runs Google TV. This is following reports that LG will be unveiling their Google TV compatible television in January at CES 2012.

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    New Study Shows Smart TVs are Taking Over

    Cutting edge LED televisions like the Samsung Smart TV series are looking a lot like the future, according to a report from IC Insights. Demand for LED-backlit Smart TVs is set to increase dramatically next year, satisfying the desire for ease of access to all kinds of media, and freedom from cable bills thanks to […]

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    AT&T U-verse Customers Can Now Take Their TV Anywhere

    Televisions have gotten progressively smarter, but they still haven’t figured out a solution to an old problem – the TV being tethered to the cable outlet. For AT&T U-verse customers, that problem now has a solution. For $49, plus a $7 monthly rental fee, U-verse subscribers can get a wireless receiver for their television.

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    Samsung Smart TV Apps Passes 10 Million Download Mark

    People must really love their Samsung Smart TV Apps!  Thanks to those who just can’t live without apps on their phone or on their TV’s , Samsung’s ten millionth app from the Samsung Apps TV service has been downloaded. The app store opened for business in February of last year, and currently enjoys an average […]