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    8 Amazing LEGO Sets Coming This Summer

    Toy Fair 2015 may have come and gone, but what we saw there was just the tip of the iceberg of what LEGO is going to be offering up this year. While they displayed many sets at Toy Fair, they seem to be announcing new playsets almost weekly, featuring partnerships that continue to catapult LEGO […]

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    Toy Blocks Teach Kids to Be Hipsters Early

    Because everyone knows the ticket to cooltown is being just like your parents, new hipster moms and dads everywhere can now inculcate their kids with a fervent love for yoga, moustaches, and Native American culture biting from day one. The Hipster ABC Matching Tile Set pairs up wooden ABC blocks with corresponding blocks with appropriate(d?) […]

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    Crayola Color Alive Brings Your Drawings To Life

    This post brought to you by Crayola. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Chip Chick. At the North American International Toy Fair last month, one of our favorites was the Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio, a pretty cool toy that combined a coloring book with a poseable mannequin to turn kids’ […]

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    How to Grow a Cherry Blossom Tree in a NYC Apartment

    It’s about time for cherry blossom season to start in Japan, but maybe you can’t make it over there. It’s a ways away. So, instead of paying for airfare, accommodation and food, you can just buy about 300 Magic Sakura Artificial Cherry Blossom Gardening Kits and put them all around your house. Close enough! The […]

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    Geek Fuel February 2015 Review

    Every month we review Loot Crate and Nerd Block’s geeky subscription boxes, and this month we’re welcoming a newcomer into the geek themed subscription box arena – Geek Fuel. Like Loot Crate, Geek Fuel, also pushes out a themed box each month, and February’s box has certainly impressed us with its “Retro” theme. This is […]

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    Nerd Block February 2015 Review and Coupon

    Nerd Block for February 2015 offered another fun cross selection of goodies which span several geek genres. It also included several awesome exclusives – such as an exclusive Breaking Bad vinyl. Here is what we found in our February box: Nerd Play Trading Card series – introducing the world’s best cos-players in never seen before […]

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    Loot Crate February 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    February’s Loot Crate theme was Play. Inside the box we got items that are designed to bring out your creative side, and also to get your brain working. Here’s exactly what we found inside of the box this month: DIY Munny Vinyl Figure from Kidrobot. We love the vinyl’s that usually come in our Loot […]

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    LEGO Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is the Greatest Minifig Ever!

    If we’re being honest, she might be the greatest LEGO minifig bar none, but that’s a lot harder to argue. But, like with all of our fine nation’s most important legal cases in the past two decades, she’s certainly in the conversation. Ruth Bader Ginsburg joins fellow Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, […]

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    Big Hero 6 Baymax is Now a Helpful LED Lamp

    He’s good for more than just karate and big screen heroics—Baymax from Big Hero 6 is ready to light up your bedside table. Don’t worry, though, this Baymax LED lamp still knows some karate moves, too. Baymax, ever the helpful robot, can you help you get to work and get to sleep. The lamp has […]

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    Anyone Want a Hipster Ping Pong Set?

    Because I guess anything can be improved if you print a selfie mustache on it, we have this ping pong set from Huzi. The his and her set comes with two wooden paddles, one with one of those fake mustaches and the other with a set of red lips. Judging from the selfies I usually […]

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    Hello Kitty Better Stay Far Away from Tentacle Kitty

    You really have to put nose to grindstone to cook up original ideas these days. If I can’t even be the first one to get to “Illuminati Slumber Party,” you have to start genuinely wondering if all the good ideas have already been taken. Fortunately, we have John and Raena Merritt to show us that […]

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    This Monkey is Not Only Hideous – It Also Talks!

    I’ll apologize right off the bat for making you look at that picture. If it ruined your day, seriously, I’m really sorry. With that out of the way, let’s see what’s going on with this robotic talking monkey. Does it deliver on the promises implicit in its name? Well, you’ll have to buy it yourself […]

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    Cook up Trouble With Breaking Bad Fries-enberg Mr. Potato Head

    Well, now we know why we didn’t see much of Mr. Potato Head at Toy Fair this year. It appears he’s been occupied with other, more lucrative endeavors. I’m sure the master of disguise has been very successful, too. Mr. Potato Head is taking on Heisenberg, donning the goatee, hat and shades. I’m assuming the […]

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    The 14 Hottest Toys at Toy Fair 2015

    It’s that time of year when we get to be jealous of the kids of today. The North American International Toy Fair wrapped up in New York earlier this week, letting us in on the toys that will be under trees come this holiday season—hey, there’s a reason so many of these toys are coming […]

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    It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superhero Barbie

    We thought she was a superhero already, but now she’s taking the job literally—in Princess Power, Barbie is donning a cape and mask and taking flight. Princess Power is a whole thing, including dolls, animated shorts, online games, the whole works. In the animated shorts, Barbie goes for a more subdued look and goes around […]

  • elsa


    4 Frozen Toys Your Kids Are Going to Want Now

    Were there Frozen toys at the Toy Fair this year? That’s not a real question. The real question is how many? Well, we count four, but who knows, we might have missed some. Frozen fever (wait, that doesn’t sound right—Frozen chills? Never mind) is still going strong in 2015, and it’s only being encouraged with […]

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    Giddy Up! Watch Barbie Mount a Horse by Herself

    As we know, Barbie has a faithful horse named Tawny. The two have been on many toy shelves together, in the ultimate act of bonding. But, this year’s pairing promises to be better than ever, because we’re getting some genuine galloping action. There’s a lot going on with the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse & […]