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    10 Must-See Attractions Onboard the Carnival Vista

    With winter snows and the holidays upon us, there’s one larger-than-life stocking stuffer that everyone secretly pines for: their next vacation. We recently got to take a trip through the Caribbean aboard Carnival’s newest liner, the Vista. Whether it’s a family affair, a friend’s bon voyage or a romantic getaway, Carnival Vista offers everyone the […]

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    Tile Lost and Found Trackers Will Soon Be Built Into Wallets and Purses

    Lost and found trackers — tiny Bluetooth devices that can give your smartphone a ping if you forget the thing they’re attached to — are useful little devices, but their future was never as standalone tech. Late last month, Tile announced their Smart Location Platform, a new business initiative that will see their trackers included in new handbags and […]

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    JetComfy is the Cleverest Airplane Pillow Thanks to An Extendable Arm

    So, we’re a little late to the game on this one, but when it comes to getting sleep on an airplane, definitely better late than never. JetComfy launched a successful Kickstarter last August, and has since shipped out to backers, become available to the rest of us, and gotten the infomercial treatment. Normally, we’d think […]

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    AirScale Is a Luggage Scale That Keeps Your Smartphone Charged

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single device must be in want of another device’s features. Oaxis, recognizing the usefulness of the simple hand luggage scale, figured that it would be even more useful with a little something extra. They’ve tacked on a pretty hefty external battery pack to their AirScale, allowing travelers […]

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    Are You Brave Enough to Ride Your Luggage Through the Airport?

    Never before, and perhaps never again, will we see a piece of luggage that takes so much courage to use. Undaunted by an unsuccessful Kickstarter last year, Modobag has rolled up with the promise of making airport navigation much easier on the feet — key, because your gate is on the far end of the terminal. […]

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    T-Mobile Just Introduced an Awesome $30 Plan for Tourists

    T-Mobile has long done right by United States citizens heading abroad, but this week they’re looking after our international friends planning to come over for a visit. The T-Mobile Tourist Plan is a straightforward, no frills way to get service in the United States for up to three weeks. Travelers planning trips to the United […]

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    Meet the Newest Dwarf Planet That is Almost as Big as Pluto

    Surprise! We’ve got a whole new Dwarf Planet on our hands. And this is no run of the mill dwarf planet, it is the third largest dwarf planet ever seen in our solar system! And its been right under our noses the whole time. Researchers from Konkoly Observatory in Hungary shared new details about planet 2007 OR10 […]

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    Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset Review

    Do you spend a LOT of time on the phone? Do you work on a noisy factory floor or in a loud open-plan office? Are you totally cool being that guy or girl with the black plastic thing hanging on your ear? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, then the Plantronics […]

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    Skyroam is a Mobile Hotspot That Works in 80+ Countries

    One thing’s for sure — there’s no shortage of services that help travelers get connected. There were enough for us to make a whole guide to help you navigate your options, so that pretty much says it all. Point is, it’s tough to hop into a game that has a lot of players who have […]

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    Cute Heart Keychain Has a Big Surprise for Would-Be Attackers

    Looks, as always, can be deceiving. On, you can find a fun little keychain called the Ahh!-larm. Well, that’s the deceiving part, anyway. This heart is all business — it doubles as a deafening alarm that can startle or scare off predators or muggers late at night. The Ahh!-larm is more or less your […]

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    Slicks is a Modular Backpack for All Kinds of Travel

    The bag industry has it pretty good — all kinds of travel need their own special kinds of luggage, which creates a lot of niches to cater to. Businesspeople need something that will keep wrinkles away from their formal clothes, mobile workers need a lot of pockets and slots to stay organized, and tourists need […]

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    These are the Best-Smelling Battery Packs of All Time

    If you’re on the east coast, you’re probably still half buried in snow and thinking about how awesome it would be to not have to dig out parking spots every time you go into the city. Well, good news — spring might still be a ways off, but at least we’re starting to see some […]