New LaCie Coat and LaCie ForMoa Laptop Cases Also Fit the iPad

ForMoa_Coat_ArtisticWell LaCie is certainly leading the pack with stylish portable hard drives, but it seems they want to tackle the laptop, hard drive, and even iPad sleeve accessories too. LaCie announced today a colorful series of sleeves for protecting and carrying compact netbooks and MacBook computers – LaCie Coat and LaCie ForMoa, designed by Sam Hecht. They will also fit the iPad quite nicely too. The LaCie Coat and LaCie ForMoa are available in five colors and offer a double layer of neoprene and soft inside lining, to protect from spills and scratches. The LaCie Coat includes an inside zippered pocket, allowing you to store a power supply and accessories.

Alternatively, the LaCie ForMoa carrying case features handles that you can use and also includes three pockets for additional accessories, and paperwork. The perfect companion for your iPad as well.

The LaCie Coat and ForMoa come in a 10.2″, as well as three laptop sizes: 13″, 15″ and 17″.  The LaCie Coat and LaCie ForMoa come in five vibrant colors: red, blue, pink, orange, and black and retail from $14.99 to $32.99 respectively.


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