Vivienne Tam and Monster Unveil Butterfly In-Ear Headphones

VT_Headphone_v7c_pic04 copyWe knew it was coming… Vivienne Tam and Monster Cable unveiled their headphone collaboration today during Fashion Week in New York. Just like their latest netbook collaboration with HP, the new headphones features elements of Tam’s Spring 2010 collection inspired by “Butterfly Lovers”. These headphones are designed like the Beats by Dr. Dre’s In-Ear headphones and Vivienne herself helped design them. The headphones are a champagne gold color with two butterfly accents on each earbud – one a orange butterfly, and one a blue butterfly. In comparison to the Beats By Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga’s headphones are more avant-garde in design, while Vivienne Tam’s headphones are more high-end classic fashion. Also, Vivienne didn’t like the linguine style tangle free cables that Monster has used on their Beats in-Ear headphones, but she wanted  a thin wire so that way the headphones resemble a real fashion accessory, even if you aren’t listening to music at the moment. She considers the headphones to essentially be jewelry, an addition to fashion. She also wanted to use texture, and luxurious colors.

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As far as sound goes, the headphones have been designed particularly in mind for acoustic instruments, classical music, violins, etc. They promise clarity, more detail, and are suitable for orchestrations. Hands on the sound seemed very similar to the original Turbines, with less emphasis on bass, but more emphasis on the mid-range, clarity and transparency, and more attuned to acoustics and concertos that have wind instruments. The headphones will retail for $199 and will ship in April and will come with 7 eartips. The headphones are also an exclusive product that will only be sold in select stores, with future designs to come out too.

In addition to their elegant Butterfly themed cosmetic, Monster’s Butterfly in-ear headphones are designed for total wearer comfort and tuned to reproduce the subtle nuances of music. They come with a beautifully designed carry case that reflects the elegant Butterfly theme and aesthetic design of the product. Finally, Monster’s innovative cable management system features a convenient designed on-cable slider and clip that keeps weight off the headphones so they stay snug in the user’s ears. The debut of Monster Vivienne Tam headphones is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to improve the quality of the portable audio experience.

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