Magic-Q-bicle is a Modular Shelf System with Real Life Apps


Magic-Q-bicle is a stylish and fun way to organize all of your gadgets, while also decorating your room. The Magic-Q-bicle is made up of 9 connected 3.5″ storage cubes that are each covered with detachable picture frames. Now here is the really exciting part, Ecubes are “apps” that are designed to fit into the Magic-Q-bicle’s cubes to enhance the Magic-Q-bicle with gadget functions. The available Ecubes include a cell phone holder, lighted display box, digital picture frame with holder, a fragrance dispenser glow cube, a digital alarm clock, a mini digital scale, an amplifier speaker, a mono speaker, an MP3 player, a message recorder, a USB power multi-charger, calendar calculator, a massager, a digital lock, and a picture night light. You can mix and match these Ecubes into the Magic-Q-bicle to your heart’s delight and even hang your Magic-Q-bicle on the wall. These “apps” range in price from $3.99 to $22.99 each. So unlike other universal organizers out there, the Magic-Q-bicle has been designed to hold small electronics in each of its cubicle compartments. On top of that, the Magic-Q-bicle itself is available in different theme styles and with different finishings.


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