Heartbeats by Lady Gaga 2011 Review

Mother Monster has spoken and she along with Beats by Dr. Dre and Monster have unleashed the second generation of the Heartbeats headphones. Where the original Heartbeats fused her passion for love, fashion, and writing – hence the triangular design, this latest version continues with that same sentiment but with a little more leather and studs as well aa homage to her Born This Way album. Overall, the look has not only gotten an edgier makeover, but so has the sound.

“I would die if I was forbidden to write, forbidden to love, or forbidden to fashion. Heartbeats embody the trinity of my being with one additional vow:  that SOUND matters. Wear Heartbeats, love each other, and celebrate music” – Lady Gaga

What’s in the Box:

– Beats by Dr. Dre – Monster Heartbeats by Lady Gaga
– 5 Pairs of Silicone Ear Tips
– 2 Pairs of Tri-Level Silicone Tips
– Owner’s Manual
– Carrying Case


The design of the latest version of Heartbeats by Lady Gaga pretty much speak for themselves. It is mirrored to look like Lady Gaga’s current passion for leather and studs, or was that two weeks ago? In any case this design was inspired by her leather jacket studs and is currently patent pending! The look is supposed to make the wearer feel like a bad-ass as well as serve as an expression of who they are – be it different or just unique. Who knew headphones could be so inspirational.

The Heartbeats are shaped to look like one big stud and a pointy one at that! This time around they are also less top heavy than before and they fit into the ear more comfortably without falling out. Underneath the earbud is a piece of thin rubber that is adorned with smaller studs. This part of the  Heartbeats  seems a bit more delicate and may break over time if you are truly hard on your headphones.

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The cable slider says Lady Gaga on one side and Heartbeats on the other, while the headphone jack is stamped with the Monster and Beats logo. The cable is also super flexible and tangle-free, just like with the first generation of Heartbeats. Lastly, the Heartbeats also include the staple Monster ControlTalk feature.

Sound Quality:

The Heartbeats have not only had a makeover on the outside, but also on the inside. The sound that the Heartsbeats reproduces now is much better than before. These new Heartbeats love the low-end details as do most of the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. The low-end detail doesn’t completely drown out the highs and mid-range, but it is certainly not as strong as the bass reproduction.

You won’t be left with a banging headache from the bass, but you will feel it in your chest – that is how powerful the bass is reproduced here – especially if you turn up the volume (not that we are suggesting you do that).  If you love your bass – you will love the way it sounds with these headphones. 

If you play audio files at higher kbps then the mids and highs will sound much richer, but at lower bit rates the bass does overshadow those other sonics.  Still, the bass isn’t so overbearing  that everything sounds just like it’s being drowned out.

ControlTalk Universal:

The ControlTalk feature has gotten an upgrade from the flimsy remote it once had to a small one button sturdy piece. So what makes it more special than before? Well it promises to work with just about any smartphone or music device you throw at it. And throw devices at it we did. We used an Android phone, a Windows Phone 7, and an iPhone 4 with the Lady Gaga Heartbeats and all worked well across the board. Each phone was able to answer a call while listening to music and then hang-up when the call was done. The reception was pretty clear on both sides of the phone, no muffled sounds or ambient noise was heard. The ControlTalk Universal also functioned well with all three devices when it came to playing, stopping, and skipping tracks while listening to audio. We had to figure out for ourselves the multiple button presses, since there is no literature describing the functionality. So for those who are curious. One button press will play/stop a song and also answer/end a call. Two button presses will skip to the next song. And holding the button down, while using an iPhone, will activate voice control.


This latest generation of the Heartsbeats by Lady Gaga is a mighty improvement over the 1st generation of the same in-ear headphones. The look and sound have improved tremendously and will certainly match any biker jacket you may have stashed in your closet. In fact, you may be enticed to actually buy something studded after you wear these for awhile.

For those who hunger for studs and bass, these in-ear headphones are for you. Heartbeats by Lady Gaga retail for $149.95 and come in black or white/gold.

The Good: Sound and appearance have gotten an upgrade – big time. ControlTalk remote has been redesigned as well and is less flimsy then before. If you love bass – these headphones deliver it in spades without completely drowning out the mids and highs. Nice selection of different sized ear tips are included.

The Bad: The ear bud stem is a bit flimsy despite its pretty studs. Could be pricey for some. More comfortable than last generation of Heartbeats, but still not super comfortable.


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