Bose’s White OE2i Headphones Will Rock the iPhone 4S

If the iPhone 4S sounded good to you when it was unveiled last week, it’s going to music to your ears now. The sleek, comfortable Bose OE2i Headphones are designed to work with the iOS devices, carrying the same inline remote functionality as Apple’s proprietary earphones.

Volume control and the ability to switch from phone to music, as well as a microphone, are built into the inline remote on the OE2i. It packs quality sound performance, aiming for high fidelity for the full range of notes in your music collection. Comfort comes from the memory foam that will conform to the shape of your ears over time. They’re also a lot less bulky than a lot of other headphone offerings. They look stylish, and they’re practical for people who don’t like to tote large things around – the headphones fold flat for ease of transport and storage. Plus, that clean white is going to look great with the white iPhone 4S.

The Bose White OE2i Headphones are available now, and are selling for $179.95.