iRobot’s Roomba Revenge is Ready To Vaporize Dust on Your iPhone

Roomba Revenge is yet another reason to love your iRobot Roomba. That’s right, the folks behind everyone’s favorite robotic vacuum has just released an app that is both adorable and addictive. The basis of the game is for the Roomba to suck up dust, vaporize dust bunnies and shake off frisky kitties who like to jump on Roomba to ride it. The games graphics are smooth and sound effects are pretty realistic to the real Roomba.  You have to appreciate what the folks at iRobot have done here, as well as their sense of humor about their little Roomba.

As the game begins, you are greeted with your objectives and a countdown timer for the task you need to complete. Roomba, just like in real life, comes off its base and you can begin vacuuming up dust immediately. But watch out for those dust bunnies! If they come after you, be sure to suck up enough dust to fill your revenge meter to vaporize them. There is also the the Tenant (who is the human) who adores his Roomba and helps pick it up and move it to different locations when Roomba gets in trouble.

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Graphics and sound effects aside, the game can be controlled by touch or an onscreen joystick. Neither worked as well as I would have hoped. Game responsiveness was a bit lagging and I often found myself having a hard time getting Roomba where I needed to go. Some levels had better responsiveness than others, but I still found myself getting stuck in corners or not cleaning fast enough before dust bunnies got me. It’s not easy being a vacuum.

I’m sure future versions will fine tune the game controls, but in the meantime, I highly suggest giving Roomba Revenge a try. For $.99 Roomba Revenge is certainly a whole lot cheaper than the real one and certainly just as addictive as watching your real-life Roomba suck up dust bunnies in your home.

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