Transform Your iPhone 4S into an 80’s Landline with the Mofone Case

“This case is sooo righteous dude!” That’s right folks, welcome back to the 80’s with the Mofone iPhone case. This latest accessory for your iPhone 4S might be one of the best cases released this year.  Do you miss your old school landline? You remember that beige handset that you can still find in your grandparents’ house? Well Mofone gets retro-tastic by sticking an iPhone case into a retro handsets – from you guessed it – the 80’s.

Just slip your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into the hard-shell plastic case that is adhered to the phone and watch people squeal with jealously. Not only is this adorable, it’s pretty comfortable to hold !  The Mofone is available in beige, red, blue, and green. The Mofone is defintely the  MoFo of iPhone 4S cases. Head on over to Urban Outfitters to snag this super cool case for $45. All you are missing is a can of aqua net to complete the homage.

And just in case you’re not a fan of the 80’s, but you are a big 90’s fan – you might want to check out the Zack Morris Speaker iPhone case.


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