Introducing Angry Birds… Portable Power Packs?

Portable back-up battery chargers for the iPhone are important, especially considering how weak the phone’s battery life can be when heavy app use is taken into consideration. Those who are not fans of dead phones at a little past midday are completely justified in purchasing one.

But, is anyone a big enough Angry Birds fan to purchase one of these Angry Birds Portable Power Stations? While it’s true that Angry Birds has rapidly become every bit the juggernaut in the retail world as it has been in the app world, the demand for these might be just a bit of a stretch. Why? Considering that these cost £17.16, or about $27, and you can get an equivalent 1900 mAh power pack off Amazon right now for about $7, you have to ask how many people are willing to plunk down an extra Jackson for some standard-fare Angry Birds artwork slapped on. If that turns out to be a lot of people, more power to Rovio and their golden egg.