Cubit iPhone 4S Case Review

The X-Doria Cubit for iPhone 4/4S is the case you’ll never get bored of! With over 1 trillion customizable patterns, you can design the back of the Cubit case however you feel. There’s a customizable 5×8 grid on the back with three different colored tiles.

There are 14 tiles in each of the three colors per case. That’s 42 pieces for 40 slots on the back of the case. The neat thing is that you don’t actually need to use any of the pieces for the X-Doria Cubit case to be suitable, attractive, and protective. You can use as many or as little pieces as you want. The cube pieces stay in their slots very well, it takes some pressure to pop them in or push them out. Each cube piece sits tightly enough that they won’t come out when you pop out near by pieces.

Aside from the 1 trillion pattern choices, the Cubit case is quite minimalistic. It’s very sleek and just barely surpasses iPhone’s face. All corners and sides are covered and the top and bottom of iPhone are exposed for easy access to all ports and buttons. There’s a cutout on the side for the volume buttons/toggle switch. The exposed top and bottom make the case very accommodating for all types of headphones, charging cables, and docks. If you do happen to use tiles on your case (and why wouldn’t you?), they add some nice grip and even some extra protection. The tiles are rubber and feel very nice in-hand.

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The Cubit Case is available for iPhone 4/4S (all carriers) and the iPod Touch (4th Gen). For now, the iPhone 4/4S Cubit Case comes in Black or White. The Black iPhone 4 case comes with maroon, black, and translucent white cubes. The white case has much brighter cubes with green, orange, and blue cubes. The iPod Touch Case just comes in black, but with the bright green, orange, and blue cubes. All of the cases look amazing. The white case for iPhone 4 is very radiant and hip looking. The black case for iPhone 4 is much more toned down, but still has a special flare to it. All of the X-Doria Cubit cases are available on Amazon for $24.99, which is a nice price. We’d recommend investing in a screen-protector too. If you happen to get more than one case you can share tiles between them.

The Good: Unique, Tons of Customization Options, Comfortable, Light, Thin, Durable, Cubes are Optional, Good Price

The Bad: No Screen Protection (and No Screen Protector Included), No Holster for Extra Pieces

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