iPICS 2 GO Creates Old Family Photos – the Digitally Remastered Editions

Everyone knows sharing is caring, but in the digital world, you’re mostly out of luck if that means sharing your old photos from the ancient days of film-loaded cameras. That is, until now. The iPICS 2 GO from Ion will digitize your old printed photos, and will even work to scan shots on slides and negatives onto your smartphone. iPICS 2 GO has a slide tray fitted for 3×5 and 4×6 prints, slides, and negatives, with a sealed off lighting system that lights up the entire picture equally, creating a faithful representation on your device that isn’t grayed out or blurred at the corners.

The complimentary photo editing app lets you prep the pictures pulled from slides or negatives and share them on Facebook or via email instantly. Unfortunately, the unexpected resurrection of your dusty old negatives will only happen if you’re the owner of an iPhone 4 or 4S.