Your New iPad Will Beg To Be Typed On with the iCog Hades Keyboard

Etsy seems to have become the go-to place for all things steampunk. The latest blast from the alternate future is a wooden steampunk-inspired keyboard case for the new iPad.

You’re going to have to be a really big steampunk fan to put up with the iCog Hades Keyboard, though. While the woodworking is nice (with a hand-rubbed English Walnut finish), users will need to put up with some lost functionality. The rear-facing camera is blocked, as are the lock screen and mute buttons. The case is also very heavy, but, being a keyboard case, that’s probably not too much of a concern, especially since the spring-loaded trapdoor makes inserting and removing the new iPad easy enough.

The back of the case features steampunkish features like pressure and temperature gauges, tubing, and wiring, all made from steel and copper. The keyboard part of the case features buttons topped with solid brass bezels surrounding letters on an off-white background. Despite that, it looks mostly like steampunkish stuff thrown onto a regular keyboard, the latter of which is largely exposed. It might please some steampunk fans, but purists might be turned off by the half-and-half appearance.

The keyboard connects to the new iPad via Bluetooth, and requires 2 AAA batteries to operate. The creator also warns that data network reception could be hindered by the metal design on the back of the case.

The iCog Hades Keyboard is available now on Etsy for a steamrolling $424.

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