Cygnett Alumni Canvas Case for the New iPad 3 Review

The Cygnett Alumni Case for the New iPad 3 is a portfolio style case, attractively designed out of canvas fabric. The Alumni Case is a very usable and protective case that features a magnetic smart cover to auto-wake iPad.

The design of the Cygnett Alumni case is pretty basic, yet still quite attractive. Considering there is no built-in stand, there is not much to it. It’s a portfolio style case with an inside pocket, and a frame that iPad slides into. iPad 3 slides into the frame through the side; there is a tab that slides under iPad to keep it secure. All ports and buttons are large and very accessible. There is a large hole on the back for iPad’s camera.

The Alumni Case consists of a couple different materials. The outside covers are covered in a rough and durable canvas fabric. There is a silver rubberized tag on the front that’s branded with Cynett’s logo; it’s a pretty nice accent. The binding around the outside of the case is soft leather (or faux-leather), as is the inside cover and frame.

The front cover has magnets, which keeps the case closed. The magnet also functions as the auto-wake feature for iPad. It unlocks iPad when opened and locks it when closed. The inside cover has one pocket for storing letters and small documents.

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The appearance of the case is really nice looking, especially with the fluorescent colors. I like that it’s simple; sometimes portfolio cases get too caught up with stands, that the in-hand usability is hindered. The case is quite protective; it had reinforced covers. It even comes with a screen protector. With that said, there were a few pitfalls of the Alumni case. The canvas fabric may be durable, but it gets dirty quickly. I keep my Canvas case with iPad inside my backpack, and it collects a lot of fuzz. It pretty much requires a lint-roller. All of the ports and cutouts are good, but there’s a lot of wiggle room inside the frame for iPad to move around. The magnetic auto-wake doesn’t always work, but it actually works more often than most other cases.

All-in-all the Cygnett Alumni Case is a really nice looking portfolio case. It’s protective and feels good in-hand. It’s pretty lightweight and has a really nice form factor. However, there is no stand, and keeping the cover takes a bit of maintenance, but other than that we enjoyed using it. The Cygnett Alumni Canvas Case for the New iPad 3 is currently available in a bright blue/cobalt (pictured), green/jade, pink, or black for $49.99 from Cygnett.com. This is a bit pricey for what it is.

The Good: Nice Looking, Fun Colors, Smart Cover, Includes Screen Protector, Light, Sleek, Protective

The Bad: Gets Dirty, No Stand, iPad Has Wiggle Room