Beats Headphones Goes to the Birds with Staple Collaboration

Staple x Beats By Dre Studio headphones is yet another example of how the Beats machine keeps on trucking along. If companies like ColorWare are not customizing Beats headphones, then Beats is doing it themselves by seeking out talent that will enhance their already super popular headphones. And now their latest such collaboration is with Staple. Staple happens to be a clothing brand, as well as a creative agency. It is obvious from this collaboration that Beats by Dre wanted to stay true to its urban street culture, and that they wanted to present to consumers a fresh take on their ever-so-popular over the ear Studio headphones. What resulted is a pair of customized Beats that pay homage to NYC with its Pigeon design, complete with bird poop imagery on the headband. The overall color of the headphones resembles that of those infamous city pigeons too. But other than the exterior paint job and cheeky design, everything else on these Beats stays true to the traditional Beats Studio’s construction and features.

Unfortunately, if you want to grab these limited edition headphones (only 500 pairs will be available) , you’ll only be able to pick them up online at ReedSpace, or in person at the Beats SoHo Store in New York City for $350. Let’s just hope that no one attempts to throw bread at you as you walk down the street with these on.