Electric Friends Are Coming to Make Your Music Listening Experience a Little More Adorable

Apparently, Kitsound never got around to patenting cute animal speaker docks, because Electric Friends are now getting all into their business. Really far into their business, at that – the Electric Friends speakers feature animals in the exact same position as the Kitsound speakers. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were made by the same company.

Electric Friends are bringing twice the selection, though, with four animal speaker docks to choose from. All four feature the same reclining position as the Kitsound docks, with the actual docking port located in the stomach, which is hidden from view when not in use, because no one wants to see a cute animal being vivisected unless it’s for the sake of sweet tunes. Also exactly like the Kitsound speakers, volume can be adjusted by stroking the ears of your new Electric Friend.

The only difference between the two offerings is the selection of animals – Electric Friends features Sing Sing the Panda, Chew Chew the Dog, Kwack Kwack the Duck and Ki Ki the Cat, compared to the much less adorably named Koadock and Pandock from Kitsound. The Electric Friends each have two 5 watt speakers and two 40 mm neodymium drivers, and only work as docks for iPods and iPhones. Other devices can be connected using the 3.5mm auxiliary port. The Electric Friends can be powered by the included AC adapter or, if you absolutely must go wireless, four AA batteries.

Each Electric Friend is selling from various online stores like Staples and JR for $69.99 – also like the Kitsound speaker docks in that they’re asking an awful lot for a basic speaker dock, fancy neodymium drivers or no.