Win an Asus Zenbook Ultrabook!

Heading to the olympics? Be careful! A study released by the Ponenmon Institute  reveals that London’s Heathrow airport is the top location for stolen laptops in Europe, with an average of 900 laptops stolen weekly! Fortunately, we’re giving away an Ultrabook that is ready to handle even that worse case scenario… That is because Ultrabooks feature Anti-Theft Technology. So if you are one of the unlucky ones to have your laptop stolen or misplaced, it keeps your personal information personal by disabling the device from anywhere in the world.

Another Intel survey has recently come out that reveals some startling stats related to traveling with tech. According to this study, 77% of travelers find losing their computer more stressful than losing a wedding ring! 49% find that other travelers peeping at their devices while traveling, is their #1 pet peeve. Meanwhile, female travelers admit greater travel anxiety than men, being significantly more likely than male travelers to report losing their mobile computing device as very stressful (82 percent vs. 73 percent).

With all of the stress involved in traveling with tech, we have teamed up with Intel to give away an Asus Zenbook Ultrabook. This super svelte Ultrabook is sure to make your summer travels that much sweeter, not too mention – less stressful. That is because it packs in all the important qualities you would want from a computer that you’re traveling with – like great battery life, instant on features, and performance on the go. It’s also perfect for slipping in to any carry-on or tote.

You can enter to win the Ultrabook below, and there are several ways to enter, but if you want the most chances to win, then go ahead and submit a photo of your current non-travel friendly computer set up. Submitting a photo counts as 25 entry points, so it will greatly increase your chance of winning the Zenbook Ultrabook!

Update 7/30/12: You can now submit a photo by attaching one in a comment below, or you can email us directly with the photo attached.

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Update 8/17/12: Congratulations to Alberto R., of Puerto Rico who won the giveaway. We’re also updating this post with a gallery of some of the contest’s photo submissions. It seems like there are many PC users out there in desperate need of an Ultrabook upgrade!
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  1. I’m paranoid about losing things because not only have I lost a couple cell phones, I also lost my laptop with my final essay on it on my way home from spring break. I had to spend almost 2 full days in the library to try to re-do all the lost work.

  2. My entire life is on my netbook.  I first traveled sometime last month to Florida from Maryland and not once did I take out my computer, except for the security check.  I never moved away from my bags.  I heard alot of horror stories, but all in all it wasn’t really that bad at all.  I don’t know what I would do if my netbook was stolen, I’d be lost forever 🙁

  3.  I’m afraid of losing my gadgets, or having them stolen when I travel, especially at airport security checks.

  4. I hate that you can’t get any privacy.  Plus lugging things around is a pain

    Theresa J

  5. When I travel with my family, the worst part is the various power supplies AND deciding which laptop to bring. Sharing computers is a difficult proposition in my household!

    Thankfully my wife & I have tablets to stow in our suitcase (and do not share with the kids!)

  6. I like a big screen, but feel I have no choice but to sacrifice this desire for working on the road. Of course, the real road desire is to have a battery life of 8+ hours….have enough juice for 90% of my flights.  Not sure about what I am reading about the limited (?) lifetime of sold state drives.

  7. im with the person below worried about losing gadgets..left my itouchat a store once..realized hour later..called it was still there.. drove an hour to pick it up same nite..uh

  8. I thought I was safe with a laptop that required a fingerprint. Imagine my surprise when a computer engineer showed me he could bypass that and then reset my security.

  9. I’m so worried when traveling that my laptop will be stolen.  I carry it with me everywhere, even the bathrooms, when I’m on the plane or train.
    Thanks so much.

  10. my frustrations with tech are when I’m traveling and I can’t get any signal or service. I feel lost without the internet lol
    Amanda S

  11. my frustrations with tech are when I’m traveling and I can’t get any signal or service. I feel lost without the internet lol
    Amanda S

  12. I hate lugging my huge laptop [wow I wish i had a camera so I could show you]  Hubz and I have tried to travel with just one computer to share…we tried that once 🙂
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  13. I love my iPad but it doesn’t allow me the ability to multitask at a proficient level… Oh, how I long for an ultra book!

  14. I have been on several vacations where I had no internet connection for days.  It is so frustrating not being able to connect.  The worst is when your cell phone also doesn’t work and you feel totally isolated from the world. 

  15. I don’t like constantly looking for places to charge things and lack of privacy away from home.

  16. I have need lost anything, but tanks for the contest, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YA’LL SAFE IN HIS LOVING ARMS.

  17. I am a writer and currently I have not a laptop. I have to carry a pad and paper with me and transfer when I get home. Double the work makes for slow progress. 

  18. I haven’t lost anything of significance on a trip, but I have a tendency to be hyper vigilant and won’t take anything out of my bag, much less leave it alone for even a second.

  19. I’m an uneasy traveler to begin with and carrying pricey electronics makes me more nervous. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  20. It can be frustrating trying to remember all the chargers and adapters when traveling for all the different tech toys….

  21. i hate that when i travel i can never get to a plug in the airports.  they are always taken

  22. I always worry about losing my cell phone or laptop while travelling.  I have lost my cell phone while on vacation and never recovered it.  Signal strength is another concern.

  23. I am super paranoid about using public WiFi and not knowing just how secure it is. We just got home from a trip and I went into a McDonalds and I was scared the whole time- you never know who can tune in! ellen beck on rafflecopter

  24. I hate not being able to get free internet while I fly, or at some hotels.  It should be complimentary.  Also, these days, I travel with lots of cords and chargers.  It would be nice if more of them were interchangeable.

  25. When I travel, I try not to take my entire tech collection with because I don’t want to loose my expensive stuff. Usually my mp3 player, headphones or earbuds, and point-and-shoot camera come with. Everything else stays at home. 

  26. I hate hotel room safes that aren’t big enough for my tech gear, so I have to haul it with me.

  27. i usually have to carry my work laptop and it is so heavy and cannot hold charge, then i cannot do anything personal on it so i am frustrated when at conferences

  28. One of the most stressful things I find during travel with my laptop is finding wifi access.  Some places make you pay for it.  This is so frustrating when you need to get online.  But I would absolutely be stressed to the max if I lost my laptop for sure!

  29. the worst part of traveling with technology is getting through the security check points, having to get it all out and hand it over for special screening while also trying to put your shoes and bag on the x-ray belt and get through the metal detector with a zillion people behind you impatient and pissed off.  Hate modern travel (but love technology)

  30. we travel alot showing dogs and it seems there is always an issue with some electronic or log in problem

  31. If travelling with a tether, which is what most modern tech represents, one ought to be getting paid for it.  If one is getting paid for it, then frustration is natural.

  32. My laptop is large and heavy. Traveling with it isn’t really an option. I also hate to be glued to an outlet because the battery life isn’t so great.

  33. I don’t really worry about losing things because I always keep the important things close with me.  I do however have probs with finding wifi.

  34. I would spend so much time doing other activities and when my trip is over I tend to forget the little things when returning home.  I.E. laptop, cell phone and other personal belongings. 

  35. My frustrations include trying to use WiFi that’s just supposed to be easy to connect to, but you find that you have to call the front desk or just be confused as to why it’s not working. Also, carrying heavy equipment. Forgetting something at home, on the train/plane/automobile or in the hotel… List goes on and on for me!

  36. When I pack up to go I feel like Im taking the whole house with me. My old Acer is so old the battery wont hold a charge so if the cord pulls the least bit loose, the whole thing is gone. I need a new laptop BAD!

  37. I’m frustrated by the planes that supposedly have outlets, but it turns out that the outlets are on every other row and there are only two for every three seats. Couple that with the scavenger hunt and aerobics required to find them along with the possible eventuality that your charger doesn’t actually fit in the socket, and you’ve got someone who’s seriously considering taking the train next time.

  38. I hate the worry about having to lug a thousand power cables with you in case you forget the one you really need

  39. I always check to make sure that the hotel room I book has WIFI in the room & it never fails that every time I try to connect…theres a problem! The desk clerks NEVER seem to know what to do about it & I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent w/techs on the phone just trying to connect. It’s so incredibly frustrating!!!

  40. Here’s a picture of my 2004 17″ HP laptop set-up. It weighs 100 pounds (okay, an exaggeration, but it is still quite heavy and traveling is highly impracticable as I have a back injury. I’ll have to email it to you as the message I received when I attached it was “Sorry, but the file you are trying to upload is larger than 2.10 MBs. You can either crop your image, or try to upload something smaller”

  41. I have a heavy laptop and have to try to use WIFI with a dongle. Hotel WIFI is touchy and iffy enough – add the dongle in, and it makes it nearly impossible!

  42. My laptop won’t hold a charge anymore so I have to make sure I can plug it in near a desk not to mention bringing all of the cords with me.

  43. Hello, I want to win this laptop because I am a junior programmer and I need a laptop to present my programs in college, it would be great to win, thanks for the opportunity!

  44. I hate to carry a heavy laptop – not that I own a laptop…but if I did, I’d want a small light one!

  45. I never have service out where I live and my laptops and phones always die quickly! it’s so frustrating!!!

  46. What is this… “Portability” of which you speak? Here’s my “travel friendly” setup. What do you think?

  47. I’ve traveled for years with technology. Demo’s missing a vital cable, batteries that die, hard drives that fail. Laptops that fall apart when going through airport security. I’ve experienced it all.

  48. heavy old laptops with heavy cords are the worst. I want something light and portable please!

  49. When I was in college, I would have to carry around a super heavy and bulky laptop with no battery life so it would always need to be plugged in. It was very inconvenient but necesssary for my technology degree.

  50. I decided to purchase my first computer 11 years ago, with the help of my parents and my birthday present fund. Since then, I have entered University and have not been able to find the cash for a new system. As you can imagine, carrying a desktop around is quite hard! My desktop crashed earlier this year and I have been using my sisters netbook for the past 6 months. Save me!

  51. My father told me that if I got 1/2 the money for a laptop he would buy the other half but only when I get into my freshman year of college. SoI must use the “Family Computer”

  52. my biggest tech travel frustration is lack of wifi – hate that it’s so pricy at airports, love when an airport offers it for free!

  53. I am in college, I always have to carry around my heavy and bulky laptop and the battery doesn’t last long so i need to find place to plug in. It is very inconvenient but necessary for my IT degree.

  54. Here’s a photo of my laptop. It crashed out and deleted Arial. Yeah… ummm… is that supposed to happen? Also it isn’t very portable. I call it “The Beast”.

  55. I have an old netbook that barely runs anymore, so I’ve completely given up traveling with it. It’s practically worthless! And its battery only lasts about an hour.

  56. Here’s a picture of my laptop. Years ago I came into my room to find my cat making it her cuddly bed! My Sony Vaio is great, but the charger port is broken and in order to keep it charged I have to hold my charger connector into it strangely. The battery dies in 10 minutes if I don’t.

  57. Not being able to connect to Wifi and there NOT being enough plug-ins when/where you need them.

  58. I hate hate hate having to deal with wires and plugs and whatnot.

    Attached is my laptop, 6-year-old Edna. Despite 2 screen replacements + 1 heat sink replacement, she has served me well. She has the stains and food particles to prove she went to college with me! She’s heavy as heck, though.

  59. Having an underpowered, yet touch enabled netbook ( Lenovo S10-3t) has me stuck in this weird technological limbo. So far ahead, yet so left behind. At this point, I just want a beautifully designed, well-performing laptop so I can give finally have decent hardware to run my startup with.

  60. my current computer doesnt work unless it is plugged in, so i cant take it anywhere. when i am out i am unplugged. 🙁

    dani marie


  61. I have an old clunky Toshiba nearing the end of its life. Battery has been recalled 5 times, so now it only works if it is plugged in, or it will die within 15 seconds to a minute without the charger. It overheats WAY too easy, sometimes i think it is going to burst into flames.

  62. I like to write my blog posts and do other online work in between appts., but my laptop is so darn heavy, I don’t bother bringing it along most of the time.

  63. My current computer setup (and, of course, my mobile setup) consists of a… notebook. An actual, little 50 sheet notebook. But, hey, it’s filled with IDEAS and PLANS, so I guess it’s worth something, right?



  64. I only have a desktop so I am pretty much unplugged when I leave the house. I have a cell but it isn’t a smartphone.

  65. I forgot my cell phone charger once when I went on a trip and couldn’t get a replacement…really frustrating!

  66. So… here’s my current laptop. It’s great for working on projects at home, but just too big and heavy to lug around and use while in other locations…

  67. I hate traveling to places with no internet 🙁 That’s big criteria for choosing the hotel I want.

  68. I had a low end brand but serviceable tablet I got just for a trip. Then I found half of the airports didn’t even have free wifi. I also found the tablet too buggy for consistent use. It was all very annoying. I understand computer withdrawal symptoms!

  69. My current laptop doesn’t have the plate over the top because we have to stick a pen where the power button should be to turn it on. The button broke off into the laptop so we had to remove the whole plate.

  70. My most frustrating tech travel is the expense and/or lack of WiFi. Sure, its getting cheaper, but hotels tack on $10 a day, some places its $10/hr, airplane its $20/segment, its getting ridiculous! Sure, I could get a 4G/3G dongle and bring the web with me, but then I have to pay the $60/month even if I’m sitting at home. There’s no good solutions that I know of, so I’m stuck paying thru the nose whenever I travel (3 trips this month alone).

  71. recently I spent the night at the St Louis greyhound station with no wifi. I was bored to death

    Denise Donaldson

  72. Here is a pic of my current laptop. Dont mind the headless barbie LOL. I dont have access to a camera at the moment, and I already had this pic. 🙂

    Denise Donaldson

  73. My laptop battery has needed to be replaced for about 2 years now but I can’t afford it. If I unplug it from the charger it dies in about 10 minutes so I can’t travel anywhere that doesn’t have an available outlet nearby.

  74. I used to travel out of the country for a major software compoany. I always kept getting held up in customs on those business trips because of regulations ihn regards to software vendors.

  75. For me, it’s dealing with airport security though I’ve pretty much gotten used to pulling it out every time I get in line, but one thing I must say is that hotel rooms need to set up the rooms to accomodate laptops in a really functional pattern. It’s frustrating to have to plug in your laptop on the opposite site of the room from the table or desk!

  76. When I travel I always bring my laptop and become quite frustrated when I hit dead zones…can’t connect. A powerful extender is the next item on my wish list.

  77. I’m frustrated that I can’t get wifi service in a lot of places I travel. This prevents me from even taking my Dell laptop with me most places, since it’s too bulky anyway.

  78. Everytime you go through airport screening there’s an opportunity to misplace, or leave behind, the gadget that does it all — not to mention the computer.

  79. My laptop has to be plugged in at all times and the fan on it is so noisy it would annoy others.

  80. My tiny HP netbook, slower than a snail, upgraded (using the term loosely) to Windows 8 preview.

  81. this is my Gateway..bought it new 3 years ago and after 6 months.. it got whole glass of wine spilled in it. tried to take out keys to clean..shift key wont go back on. it will turn on for 10 minutes before heating up and shutting off. o how i would love a laptop again.
    addrienne mertens
    zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

  82. A couple tech mishaps I have had while traveling have been not brining the right power corders for my phones and not having a place to plug them in on the plane other then the bathroom.

  83. Traveling with tech is a pain. It’s nice to have once you’re there in the hotel room and everything is up and running (if you’re lucky), but lugging a heavy laptop through the airport, taking it out to go through security, putting it back, etc. is no fun.

  84. have tech died on you mid-flight is a major pain. i always worry security will want to rifle through my pc while go through the line

  85. With every trip I take something goes wrong with my laptop or accessories. I just never know what it will be.

  86. I always seem to forget my charger and my battery on my netbook no longer works for long.

    tridingermckee at gmail dot com

  87. My netbook- the keys are worn off and the M key does not stay on.

    tridingermckee at gmail dot com

  88. I’ve left chargers at home more often I want to admit, but my most frustrating experience was leaving my Kindle on a plane and, predictably, not getting it back!

  89. Thanks for the giveaway…I hate having to dig out my laptop & cables from my carry-on bags for the TSA, then powering it up, while juggling my shoes, coat, cell phone, wallet, etc.

  90. Last time I tried to travel with my laptop, some guy almost took mine. He said it was an accident but I don’t believe it.

  91. My laptop has a bad battery, also
    doesn’t help when the power cord got a gash in it, so you have to jiggle
    the cord a certain way to get it to even charge the laptop. My daughter gets on it to play Nick Jr and Jumpstart games, and decided to decorate it with stickers. The keys are sticky where she has dumped pop and candy on it. I could really use a new one.

  92. I think during my travels I have experienced every tech problem from devices burning out to problems connecting within hotels.

  93. Trying to keep my devices safe (and not getting stolen), trying to find ways to keep it charged (good luck finding an outlet at an airport)…and finding a reliable signal you don’t have to pay for! What a nightmare!